Fun Ideas - Natural Tresses

Fun Ideas – Stylecards

Hello Bellas,

In 2012 I found this great site about natural hair from the UK, see link here.

Love her idea about Style Cards, ordered about 3 packs, because they are so nice to give to Natural Girls who are rocking their tresses, makes them feel great about themselves & their lovely hair and the smiles on their faces just brighten your day.

Anyhoo, returned a few days ago and cannot find them, so sad because I really love these cards, emailed her but so far no response, will let you know when she does.

In the meantime, here is one posted for all my girls visiting my blog.



* UPDATE:  Yay, got her reply, Ms. Angela has returned and here is the link to purchase her cards, it’s worth it girls so order some for all the lovely naturals in your lives and for ones you have not met yet. Thank you ladies, Hugs & Smiles!!!!

“Isle of Azure”

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