Hair Recipes to Try

Hair Recipe – Flax Seed Gel

Bonjour My Darlings, Here is recipe used and proven successful by my sister, who is also a natural. Have Fun lovelies!!! Easy & Affordable Homemade Gel Salutations! Here is a quick homemade recipe for hair gel…which you can find all over the internet, but this is my version. Enjoy! What you will need: Water –… Continue reading Hair Recipe – Flax Seed Gel

Hair Recipes to Try, Tips for Hair Growth

Tips for Hair Growth – Black Pekoe Tea

Aloha Ladies, Let's talk about tea rinses, what is it? Easy, after you shampoo or co-wash your hair, you rinse with tea, voila. For more information about tea rinses, click here. Pretty easy right, the benefits are amazing, increased shine, faster hair growth, healthier hair, but what caught my attention was less shedding, yes you read… Continue reading Tips for Hair Growth – Black Pekoe Tea

Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Purple Scarf

Hello Girls, Today I have a styling idea for you. Happens to us all, have to get ready to go out quickly, either to a meeting, important event, dinner with family or friends, last minute party, etc. You are getting ready, have chosen the outfit, shoes, jewelry, purse, makeup, hold on, what about your hair? !!!OOPS,… Continue reading Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Purple Scarf