Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Purple Scarf

Hello Girls,

Today I have a styling idea for you.

Happens to us all, have to get ready to go out quickly, either to a meeting, important event, dinner with family or friends, last minute party, etc. You are getting ready, have chosen the outfit, shoes, jewelry, purse, makeup, hold on, what about your hair?


No need to panic, simply go into your closet, take out the scarf that goes with what you are going to wear, tie her on and go about your merry berry way.

“Wait a minute” you say, that’s all good and dandy, but at least guide me”.

No problem, I found 3 fantastic videos on how to wear scarves on our tresses:

  1. Youtuber Facebyj, her video is found here. Love her style ideas & her makeup.
  2. Youtuber Jemmy1415, her video is found here. Cute, Simple, will be trying all.
  3. Youtuber Naptural85, her video is found here. This girl is amazing, enough said.

All 3 sites will guide you on how to do the styles. Each one shows natural hair at a different length: short, medium and long;  so we can all learn, try it and be happy.

Try some of the techniques in the videos, and as always, take a picture for keepsake.

Come up your own styling ideas, yes you can do it, yes you will look gorgeous. The possibilities are endless, so take a few minutes and have fun with your hair.

Hopefully this will help you get ready quickly for those dashes out the door.

Here are 2 pictures of  my scarf ideas, hehehe, took me 7 – 10 minutes tops.

Mom did My Twists
Mom did My Twists

Thank you for reading and following my posts. Have a lovely & sunny day girls.

“Isle of Azure”

*Tip, sometimes you can get great deals on scarves in the Spring or Summer, so be on the lookout.*

11 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Purple Scarf”

  1. Hello AyshaM, thanks a mil, really appreciate the link, looking at some of the styles right now, my favorite so far is the twist-me-not and the tutorial is super easy so try some out girls.

  2. Girl….your hair is long now! Looks beautiful in the wrap. Love it. I need to figure that out one day…. Especially for when I’m drying my braids on wash day and the day after 🙂 lol

    1. Hehehe, thanks babe, she is getting there. Next year is my 2 anniversary, cannot believe it will that next year, time flies when you are having fun!!Smooches and love ya. When you try the style, do send me a pic.

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