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Fun Idea – Natural Hair Weather Forecast

Good Morning Kinky’s, Coily’s & Curly’s

We sometimes check the weather to see how it will be, rain or shine, snow or sleet; what about knowing how the weather will affect your hair that day, will there be lots of frizz to deal with, how will your curls behave, what is the dew point, hmmmmmmmm, kinda hard to figure out right, not anymore girls, thanks to the lovely staff at Naturally Curly. 

They have come up with a personalized weather forecast just for us, kinks, coils, curls, waves, so we can be fully prepared the minute we step out of our homes.

So here is your very own natural hair weather forecast, simply click here.

Weather Forecast - Lovely Coils
Weather Forecast – Lovely Coils

Naturally Curly are geniuses!!! Thanks for reading and Happy Healthy Hair Days.

“Isle of Azure”

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