My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey – Protective Style: Braids

Good Evening Ladies,

Sundays are my wash days, have started to implement some new practices so will tell you about them. I am trying to do this wash regimen every 2 weeks, that way it’s not so much work once a week 🙂

First, to detangle my hair, I apply water, soybean oil and my VO5 Conditoner (Champagne Kiss with Silk Protein) to the section am working with, proceed to finger comb and place hair in large braids of about 15 or 20. Takes 2 hours.

Second, wash out hair out with a little VO5 conditioner and warm water, apply tea leave-in (See post about Black Pekoe Tea).

Third, apply my batch of Leave-in Conditioner (Recipe coming soon) then Kid’s Organics Pomade (Post about how it works coming soon too) to each section as I proceed to style my hair in smaller braids, do about 50 loose braids. Takes 2.5 hours.

Keeping the braids in for 2 weeks, so my hair is in a protective style which makes both of us happy, especially me, hahaha.

It does takes time, patience and lots of TV shows, LOL, but for me, it’s worth it plus for the next weeks I only have to moisturize daily and every 4 days do the LOC Method, cannot beat that.

Here are the new practices I added to my regimen thanks to various tips found from all you girls:

  1. Detangle Hair While Damp – Always washed first and then detangled, now it’s vice versa, prefer it also, I feel that my hair is not so hard to handle, because she is already stretched from prior styles, which makes it much easier in the long run.
  2. Finger Combing – A lot easier than I thought, but takes time, do not rush this, add lots of conditioner and comb away, you really are able to know your hair and be on the lookout for single strand knots or tangles, so this one is a keeper!!!
  3. Tea Leave-In – Did see less shed hair this time, very happy with that, plan on keeping you girls updated on this idea of the tea-leave in. If you feel comfortable just doing the tea rinse, by all means do so, whichever works for your hair texture.

Will continue to follow this regimen for the next  2 months in which I hope to achieve 3 things:

  • Less Shedding
  • Less Tangles
  • 2″ Growth 😆 A dream right, but hey they say dream big, so I plan to.

Here is a pic for you, still learning to braid, cannot section hair in straight lines to save my life, so hello hair accessories.

Freshly Done Braids
Freshly Done Braids

Thank you for reading dolls and a good day to you all, Happy Stress Tangle Free Wash Days!!!

“Isle of Azure”

6 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey – Protective Style: Braids”

  1. Inversion sounds dodgy. LOL Anyways, I will follow your advice. It seems sensible. Unlike what I suggest to my readers. :-p Our process is similar. I do pretty much the same steps except with different productss. And how is similar in length! 😀

    1. Hehehe, yes, Inversion does not work for me, pity but will try to stick to the regimen state above and see if that works for increased hair growth, really, that is cool, let me know how it works for you and as always, thank you very much doll, keep rocking those tresses!!

  2. I think that it’s so great that you’ve found ways to improve upon your hair care regimen. Thanks so much for sharing your methods sis! It’s great to see your happy natural curls 🙂

    1. Anytime love, that’s why I love reading all my natural sisters hair blogs because I learn so much from all of you and able to implement in my own hair care plus share results. Take care and again, many thanks.

  3. Girl, your hair is growing good. If you want one inch in seven days do the Inversion Method. What are you waiting for? Check out a video by LongnHealthy on youtube. I’ve done it twice and it has worked. So in a four weeks time, I got two inches of growth. That’s right 🙂 Do a post on it.

    1. Hehehe, girl I tried it but my head hurt and was all dizzy. Doesn’t work for me, but glad it works for ya!!! Will see if these new methods work better and hopefully might see more length, hehehe!! Smooches and love ya doll!!

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