My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey – My 4C Tresses

Our Hair is Like a Flower, Needs Water, Care & Love to Flourish
Our Hair is Like a flower, needs water, care & love to flourish in order to bloom beautifully.

Hello Gorgeous Lilies,

Here is my 4C Tresses info, really important to me, because then I know what to use, what is best for my hair texture, and can see what styles will or won’t work 🙂 🙂


Texture Typing

Hair Curl Pattern 4C – Coily Zigly

Hair PorosityLow Porosity

Hair DensityHigh Density

Hair Width Medium

Hair Length Medium

Styles Tried So Far: Twists, Twists Outs, Mini Twists & Outs, Braids, Braid Outs, Bantu Knots, Bantu Knot Outs, Roller Sets, Coils, Shingled Look, Afro, Fro-Hawks.

If you will like to learn more about your own hair texture, then by all means please check out Naturally Curly here and here.


Hair Regimen 

Monday to Saturday – Apply homemade spritz every other day and LOC (Liquid-Oil-Cream) Method every 4 days – Time Spent: 5 minutes

Sunday – Wash Day (Plus Protective Style) – Done every 2 weeks – Time: 5 hours 🙂


Product List 🙂

H20 – Best Moisturizer on Earth, no joke, hehehe.

Glycerin – It works well with me, mostly in the Summer Months.

Raw Unrefined Shea Butter – Hmm Hmm Hmm Good, this is gold for our hair.

Okra – Works miracles, makes hair strong, encourages growth, see post – Okra – Hair Growth.

BroomweedDad makes this concoction for our hair, Review Coming Soon!!!

Oils – Olive, Coconut, Almond, Carrot, Castor, Eucalyptus, Avocado, Soybean. 

Conditioners – Tresemme as my Leave In , VO5, Salon Care, White Rain to wash hair.

ShampoosMostly cowash, rarely use shampoos, but when I do, it’s Tresemme Moisture Rich.

PomadesOyin Burnt Sugar Pomade, Oyin Sugar Berries Pomade, Kid’s Organics Pomade.

Gels – Eco Style Gel, Aloe Vera Gel, Flax Seed Gel, these I also rarely use but still have them.

Styling Tools – Fingers, Large Teeth Combs, Goody Hair Bands & Clip, Sharp Scissors, Microfiber Towels, Old T-Shirts, Empty Plastic Containers & Spoons for Mixing & Time.

Cute Accessories – Flowers, Hair Bands, Combs, Pins, Hats, Scarves, Necklaces also.

So girls, the above is my hair regimen, will be posting the reviews of the hair products used, but this gives you an idea of how I take care of my hair.

Before ever using anything, whether the newest hair trend, product or style, please do your research, see the reviews about it, that way we can try to avoid hair dilemmas.

Took 1 full year to figure out what my hair required, it’s likes and dislikes, so listen to your hair 🙂 no really, it will let you know when it adores a product or when it hates it, you will know by how your hair reacts, so treat her well and she will do the same.

Thank you for reading Beautiful Lilies & Happy Healthy Hair Days.

“Isle of Azure”

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