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Hair Product Review – Africa’s Best Kid’s Organic Pomade & Hairdress

Kid's Organic Pomade & Hairdress


Buongiorno Signoras,

November 1st 2013 already, my how time flies when you are having fun 🙂

Today’s review is about “Africa’s Best Kid’s Organic Pomade & Hairdress”, you may look for it at your local supermarket, Wal-Mart or if you like, it can also be purchased here.

This works beautifully on my tresses because she loves pomades, my hair texture needs products that are heavy and holds it down so pomades are the ones for me.

Maintains my hair soft to touch while adding shine, does not give that sticky icky feeling and is light. Doesn’t contain petrolatum or mineral oil as seen below.


hjh (3)


Found that products from Africa’s Best or African Pride works quite well on my tresses as long as they do not contain petrolatum or mineral oil, because those ingredients can clog the pores in your hair, not allowing it to breathe. In my case, it leaves my hair super dry the 2nd day and appears very brittle and matted, that is why I try to never purchase anything with those 2 ingredients, so be on the lookout.

Their products are also cheaper than others which is great for us gals on a budget, so check out them out the next time you go shopping for hair goodies 🙂

Before applying the pomade to my tresses, water, oil and my leave in conditioner are added first, then the pomade, because I want my hair to be well moisturized for 3 to 4 days tops before re-applying products.

You can use this especially for twists, braids, locs or other protective styles; refresh your styles every 3 days with a dab of the pomade or however much you need.

Hope this helps a bit, it’s a product made for kids so feel free to use on your child’s hair as well. As always, do your extra research before purchase or use.

Thank you for reading ladies and have a lovely day. Cioa!!!

“Isle of Azure”

10 thoughts on “Hair Product Review – Africa’s Best Kid’s Organic Pomade & Hairdress”

  1. Hmmm, I tamed my product junkie habits so I don’t think I’ll be changing my products anytime soon. But thanks! My hair loves pomades too. Thick enough to lock in the much needed moisture.

  2. My hair likes pomades as well for the same reason as yours, it’s so thick. I will give this a try. I’m still looking for something that will help my hair maintain moisture and shine throughout the day.

    1. Try the Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade, that pomade is # 1 on my list!!! Check out my post about it and see what you think.
      This one is # 2 on my list, both great for our hair texture.

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