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Hair Product Review – Cowash Conditioners

A Cheerful Hello to All My Girls,

I cowash (wash hair with conditioners only), because shampoos leave my hair a ratted matted tangled mess!!! Completely strips hair of any moisture I ever had and then shrinks her up to 90%. Only use shampoo after a  beach day, it washes out all of the salt in your hair which is great, but please follow up with a deep conditioner  🙂

Conditioners leave my hair soft, moisturized and less tangled; while they do not lather, am able to wash scalp & tresses quite well, shrinkage is only 50%, that works!

Here are the ones I am currently using:


VO5 Champagne Kiss with Silk Protein


VO5 products are excellent, have great scents, some light, some strong, others none at all, try to purchase the ones that say “Moisturizing”, the best for our 4C tresses.

To make your bottle of conditioner last longer, you may do the following:

  1. Pour ½ cup of the conditioner (your preference) into a plastic container
  2. Add Soybean Oil (or another inexpensive oil of your choice)
  3. Aloe Vera Gel (from plant if you have any around your home)
  4. Water (tap or purified)
  5. Mix well and apply, wash scalp and hair (place hair in 6 -12 braids, much easier)


SAMY Moist Conditioner

hjh (1)

Have been using this one, new for me, works really well, it’s very thick so I do not add anything to it, just place on hair and wash away. Has a strong scent and lingers, so if you are sensitive to strong scents, add some water, that takes it away a little bit.

Those work for me for girls, what works for you? Feel free to post your comments.

Thanks for reading darlings and Happy Tangle Free Wash Days!

“Isle of Azure”

4 thoughts on “Hair Product Review – Cowash Conditioners”

  1. The Suave professionals conditioner works for me, and leaves my hair soft. I love our natural curls by the way. Tre-cool and so carefree. Now I don’t have to worry when it rains…I only say…please rain some more and moisturize my head. Ha! Ha! Ha!



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