Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Natural Hair Style Idea – Braid Out

Salutations Gorgeous Girls,

Weekend Starts today!!!! At least when we all get off from work and are home.

Want to share this style with you which I did on Tuesday, shows that that 2nd week hair can still look great, haha, at least I think so. Here is my braid out on 11th day:


Gotta Love Pink
Gotta Love Pink
She is getting There
Tiny Coils Can be Seen, Somewhere
Dragonfly Clip Refused to Keep Still
Dragonfly Clip Refused to Keep Still

Holding up pretty well, don’t you think? To maintain at night, I just add a dab of my conditioner mix to the ends & a little on my hair, put up in 10 -15 large braids, why defy gravity 🙂 so I wrap her up in a satin bonnet and done, sleep time.

Thanks girlies for reading, have a lovely weekend and stay fabulous!!!

“Isle of Azure”

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