My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey

Greetings Beauties,

Just to let you know that “My Natural Hair Journey from Transitioning to Fully Natural 2011-2013” is now added to the Main Page on IslandKynks, if you want to check it out, please click and off you go or you can click here.

When on that page, feel free to scroll down and look under the tab Pages to see the rest of my posts. Enjoy!

My reason for creating these pages is to help those who are just starting out, to have a month by month preview of how I returned natural. That way you can read what I did, how it was for me, thereby making your journey a little easier to handle.

Yes our hair does grow, yes it takes time and patience, & one of the most important lessons learned is to enjoy your hair at whatever length you are currently at, took me 1 year 6 months to finally get that, but better late than never, right 😀

If you have any questions, tips, advice, ideas, please feel free to ask or post in comments and will get back to you within the day.

Every Sunday will be adding a page up to My 1 Year Napversary – February 2013. Many thanks for reading My Belles!!!

“Isle of Azure”

4 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey”

  1. Very inspiring post. I was so nervous to show my natural hair and my own mother laughed at me saying its never going to grow and I look ridiculous going outside like “That” but it take patience and confidence. I will be sure to check out the page.

    1. Thanks hon, ay mothers, such feisty ladies. Well I have seen you with your natural hair and you are awesome girl, especially those cute dimples!!! In my case, I post my pics good and bad, so everyone can relate and see that we have good and bad hair days, but it’s ok, some of my pics are nice, others are crazy, and others just plain funny, so go ahead, look and laugh girl and don’t ever be afraid to show your hair, why hide your crown of beauty when it is such a stunning one!!! Hope this helps.

      1. Anytime my dear and trust me, as your Mom sees your gorgeous hair flourish and you happy, she will like your natural look even if she does not admit it right away 🙂

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