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Hair Product Review – Vegetable Oil

Hello Beauties,

A short but informative review for you about 100% Pure Vegetable Oil.

Coco Peeking :)
Coco Peeking 🙂

Before washing my hair, I apply oil (1/2 spoon) and conditioner (1 spoon) to my tresses, finger detangle, place in 10-15 braids, then proceed to wash braid by braid.

Reason: my hair is already stretched from previous styles so it’s an easier detangling session. I finger comb to feel all knots and shed hair, which am able to remove gently with the help of this oil and my own condition mix, hair is softer & cottony.

I use a lot of Veg. Oil in this process, can get expensive if you choose others (Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado) plus it’s washed out of the hair. This one is best for me, inexpensive, does the job, not crying as it goes down shower drain when I wash 🙂

If you have any cheap oils at home, try this and let me know how it works for you. Anything to make wash day less of a hassle is worth trying, so check it out. Smiles!!!

Thanks for reading Belles, keep posted & Have A Lovely Weekend.

“Isle of Azure”

4 thoughts on “Hair Product Review – Vegetable Oil”

  1. I’ve never even thought about just using vegetable oil for my hair, it seems so obvious though! You’ve opened my eyes to something new. Thanks!

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