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Hair Product Review – 100% Organic Pure Africa Shea Butter

100% Organic Pure Africa Shea Butter
100% Organic Pure Africa Shea Butter


Aloha Girls,

Will be sharing my review of shea butter for hair so sit back, read and enjoy.

First of all, first-rate butter when you get the pure organic one, can purchase here.

Excellent product for those who have thick hair and 4C texture, not only moisturizes hair but is healthy, promotes growth when used weekly and adds sheen.

Leaves my tresses very smooth, seals the ends well and a little goes a long way.

The scent of the butter is a bit strong, does not bother me but others might not like it, in that case, you can mix some with your leave-in conditioner and any oil if your preference, usually will take the scent away , if it doesn’t bother you, no worries 🙂

Butter can be applied for protective styles like twists, braids, etc or can be used on your tresses following these recipes found on Black Girl Long Hair Website.

Thank you for reading Beauties & Have a Great Weekend.

“Isle Of Azure” 


10 thoughts on “Hair Product Review – 100% Organic Pure Africa Shea Butter”

    1. Hehehe, it works differently for everyone, check out these different ways in which you can use it:
      Black Girl with Long Hair:
      Check out the links, see what they say and let me know if the info helped. Thanks doll.

  1. i like that it makes my hair shiny but hate the residue after a couple of days,,,,I once had to wash my hair at work because the shea butter had frozen in my hair!! a little goes a long way!

    1. Hehehe, yes it does, here is a tip, instead of co-washing, use shampoo with some oil in it to wash your hair after using the Shea Butter, will help take it out 🙂 Thanks doll.

  2. I love sheabutter, great for detangling,sealing in moistures, and i also use it to make whipped body butter by adding coconut oil,almond oil to it. Inorder to combat the smell you can add a few drops or peppermint oil or your preferred oil.

  3. Really wanna purchase Organic Shea Butter! I’m gonna take a look at that link! Read somewhere that applying it on thicker hair may not be the proper way to moisturize it every day. Whatever, can’t listen to everyone, got to trial and error for ya self. Thanks for the links!

    1. Hehehe, indeed doll, try it by itself, if does not work, then mix it with your leave-in conditioner, trial and error and you will get it 🙂 I suggest using her weekly to see how it helps. Let me know dear.

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