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Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 3c Hair

Hello Girls, this one is : “The Stages of 3C Hair “, which is my adopted Auntie’s hair texture, currently in Stage 4 going to Stage 5 next year, which is soo cool, she is the one that got us all started on Natural Hair, she BC and took the plunge and never looked back, I call her My Muse 🙂 Her hair is gorgeous, she is beautiful and is the reason the rest of us returned natural!!! Again, thank you Vnatural for these great posts 🙂

Natural hair journey was only the beginning..

I know what you’re thinking: ” There are 5 stages instead of 4 stages!!” And if you’re a follower of my blog you also may be thinking, “where have you been?”

For the 5 stages my reason is simple, the chart looked incomplete with only 4 stages so I added the last photo, the 5th stage. As for me being gone. I’ve just been tied up in work and..personal events that I will probably end up explaining in another post. But for now, enjoy the new stages! Hopefully I can get around to ALL the stages by the end of this month. If you’d like to see where I retrieved these photos from, here is the album on pinterest: .


4 stages of 3c hair aka 5 stages of 3c hair - 1


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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 3c Hair”

  1. I am sooooo stuck in stage 3 in my mind. It’s driving me crazy…. One day I guess 8’ll be in stage 5 but I think the girl in the stage 5 picture is wearing a wig 🙂 ha ha ha

    1. Nah girl, you are in Stage 4 going to Stage 5 darling, I have seen your hair and it’s awesome!!! Hehehe, too funny about the girl in Stage 5 picture 😀 😀 😀

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