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Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 4A Hair

Hello Señoritas, this one is : “The Stages of 4A Hair “, which is my adopted sister’s hair texture, currently in Stage 3 going to Stage 4 next year. Hehehe 🙂 We all kind of went natural around the same time, she only beat us by 1 year 😀 Natural Hair is Amazing!!!

Natural hair journey was only the beginning..

Once again it was hard to find actual 4A’s because so many people mis-title photos or have been misinformed about their hair type. So I used naptural85’s photo twice because I know for sure that she is a true 4A. Her curl pattern is very dominant compared to some other 4A’s but its lovely. Hopefully this will help my 4A ladies out 🙂

I have one more photo to post and that is for my 3c’s then I am stopping there unless someone wants 3b, 3a and so on.


complete stages of 4a hair

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