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Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 4b Hair

Hello Ladies, this one is : “The Stages of 4B Hair “, which is my Sister’s hair texture, currently in Stage 2 going to Stage 3 next year. Awesome right 🙂 Makes you feel so great to see your texture at different lengths, and all are beautiful.

Natural hair journey was only the beginning..

The other day someone commented that they wished I would do stage photos for all hair types. Prior to that I was really considering it but I said, no, not unless someone actually wants it. So when I saw that comment I said to myself, “Okay I’ll get right on it.” And I did. I’ve just been dragging my feet with blogging lately. I have so many hair updates that I need to put up…its ridiculous.

Now let me just say, when I was researching 4b hair types I noticed that there are SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY ladies that THINK they’re 4b’s when really they are 4c hair types, some were even 4a or 3c. I know exactly why they think that too. They probably posted a photo of their hair somewhere and asked some women,”What is my hair type” and they all guessed it or either they just assumed their pattern…

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