My Natural Hair Journey

February’s Spotlight on Isle of Azure

Hey girls, check it out, am featured on The Natural Hair Blog Directory by Rae, sweet right 🙂 enjoy ladies 🙂

Natural Hair Blog Directory

How and when did you natural hair journey begin?

Began to transition in November 2011, applied no more relaxer, stop using shampoo altogether because it dried out my hair so much, did co-washes. Started to use oils in my hair like coconut & olive oil. Use mostly VO5 Conditioners an they worked well on my tresses. Was relatively easy.

Did you transition?

Yes, for several times too, in 2009, tried for 3 months but could not take it so I relaxed, in 2010 for 5 months but gave in again and relaxed. Finally in 2011, began again and stuck to it this time, took effort, courage, patience but decided this is what I wanted to do and that was that.

Did you big chop and how did you react to the big chop?

Yes, after 4 months transitioning, Big Chop in February 28 2012. It´s funny because that day was…

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