My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey – Protective Styling 1 Month Challenge – Part 2

Hello Girls,

Hope you are well and starting of to a great week.

Update as promised for you about my journey.

I tweaked my steps a bit to the following (reason is because I have gel in my hair, so my moisturizing method has to change) :

LAST 2 WEEKS – February 14th to 28th 2014

  1. At night, massage scalp & hair with aloe vera gel from plant.
  2. Moisturize hair by applying oil mix (1 tsp) to ends & conditioner mix (1 tsp) to hair.
  3. Wrap up with Satin scarf and beddy bye bye :D

Will see how this works, it is difficult for me to keep my tresses fully moisturized with gel in, but will tweak and tweak to see what works for her. So far so good, washed my hair according to the instructions posted here, only difference is I used my conditioner mix with extra oil added, my Oyin pomade and a gel Mom bought for me to style. Will be doing a review about the gel, absolutely love it, plus not pricey 🙂

Two Strand Puffy Twists
Two Strand Puffy Twists

Thank you for reading Ladies, enjoy your Gorgeous Natural Hair!!!

´´Isle of  Azure´´

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