My Natural Hair Journey

HNB Meets: Kesia

Hi Girls, was featured on HNB, what a treat!!! Enjoy 😀

black & well co.

This week HNB Meets natural beauty Kesia who takes us through her natural hair story. Enjoy!

Well Defined Twist Out

Tell us a bit about yourself and the life of your hair before going natural. 

I have always admired and wanted long hair because I simply did not have it, never been one for braids, weaves, sew-ins because am extremely tender-headed. Did try wigs but short ones mostly. Always had my hair relaxed, but she  would not grow past my neck no matter what I did or tried to make her grow.

How long have you been natural? did you big chop/transition? 
Have been natural now for 2 years!!! I was back and forth with transitioning for about 2 years until I finally decided to return natural for good. Transitioned for 4 months but because of my impatient nature, decided to big chop. My Mom cut my hair, length was 1 inch, super short…

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2 thoughts on “HNB Meets: Kesia”

  1. Love your story….. Your hair is sooooo gorgeous. I learned something from this post. Leave the heat alone 😉 Wish I would’ve known that awhile ago 😜

    1. Hehehe, thanks dear, you are the Aunt!!!!!
      We all have to live and learn doll, especially when it comes to natural hair, trial and error. Your hair is lovely girl, I love herr!!!!!!!

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