Tidbits for Natural Hair

10 Must Haves for Natural Hair

Great post by MY CURLY MIND, simple but 100% true 🙂


Hey!! It’s been a while! But I’m back! I get a lot of questions about what to use for your natural hair. I just want to give you my top 10 of tools that every natural shoud have!

1. Conditioner – for moisture

2. Spraybottle with water- natural hair’s best friend

3. Oil- nourish en seals your hair

4. Cotton t-shirt- is the new towel and will lead to less split ends and breakage

5. Sheabutter “mother natures conditioner”- softens and seals the hair

6. Plastic cap/bag/household foil- to deep conditioning your hair

7. Satin scarf/pillowcase– to preserve your hair at night and will help keep the moisture in

8. Wide tooth comb– makes it easier to detangle your hair

9. Bobbypins– for styling it will always comes in handy

10. Patience– Yes the keyword! This is the sceret for long hair. Check the video

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