Tips for Hair Growth

Tips for Hair Growth – Okra Treatment

Hello Dolls,

Currently on a hair growth challenge for 3 weeks, 1 week down and 2 more to go, YAY!!!

Blogged last year about benefits of using okra on our hair for increased growth, healthiness and shine improvement. 

Okra works beautifully for my hair, every year I use it for 1 month straight, applying twice per day. After that, do not need for another year.

For more information and details about the fruit, you can check out the article here.


My goal this year is to do Wash Day every 3 weeks & make my styles last until then.

Here is how I plan to style and moisturize:

WEEK 1 – Style: 2 Strand Twists 

  • Maintain with L (Okra) O (Olive Oil) C (Tresemme Conditioner) Method at nighttime every 2 days.

WEEK 2 – Style: Twist Outs

  • Maintain daily with Okra Spritz + Olive Oil in morning & Okra Spritz + Tresemme Conditioner mix at night.

WEEK 3 – Style: Roller Set Twist Out

  • Maintain with L (Okra) O (Olive Oil) C (Tresemme Conditioner) Method at nighttime everydays.

So girls, that is my game plan for these next weeks.

Basically am simplifying regimen a lot because simple is best plus it works. 

As of today, my hair in 11″ long, my goal is to grow 1/2″ in 3 weeks, we shall see how that goes.

Had a lot of fun posting Hair Recipes and because you gals love them so much, got a few more for you coming your way. As always, if you try them, please let us know how they work for your beautiful tresses and if they do not work, still let us know 😀

Thank you for reading Lovely Ladies and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment box.

“Isle of Azure”

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