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Fun Idea – Natural Tresses – One Lovely Blog Award



Good Evening My Lovely Girls,

Hope all is well & you all are having a great weekend, getting things done, resting, having fun with the family, all that good stuff.

Was awarded ´´The Lovely Blog Award´´ by the lovely ShadaeNaturally which is so sweet and kind of her, thank you my dear 😀

So, do take a seat, have a cup of tea or coffee, while you read and hopefully enjoy!


    Thank and link person(s) who nominated you.
    – List rules and display the award.
    – Share 7 facts about yourself.
    – Nominate 15 Bloggers & comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.


  • FACTS:
    1. Natural hair is one of my passions, I love learning about every single hair texture especially my own 4C tresses.
  • 2. Every year I am into something new, this year is nail polish, so have a bunch of colors cannot wait to use 😀
  • 3. Pink is my thing, I love the color senselessly but yet my room is painted white 😀 
  • 4. Kittens and Puppies are to me the cutest animals on earth, with their adorable eyes and cute furry paws!!!
  • 5. Music is necessary for me to work, study, clean, do errands, travel, you name it, music is simply put, AMAZING!
  • 6. Have watched all 23 James Bond Movies and cannot wait for the other one in October 23, 2015!!!
  • 7.Really enjoy having my blog here, great to read other blogs, learn from theirs and improve my own as time goes on.


    1. ShadaeNaturally
    2. iamnaturallykinky
    3. BlackZulu
    4. Eleanor J’adore
    5. AyshaMichelle
    6. writeshianwrite
    7. maicurls
    8. happykinksforever
    9. jai1118
    10. goldennlocks
    12. mowkward
    13. Stephanie’sCurly
    14. zedianchic
    15. curlycandace


!!!Thank you ever so much for reading, check out the other wonderful bloggers posted above & Have a lovely evening!!!

´´ Isle of  Azure´ ´

15 thoughts on “Fun Idea – Natural Tresses – One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Well I suppose I should’ve checked your weekend posts (was working all weekend) before nominating you for the same award lol. Oh well, I think it’s clear we all love your content!

    1. Hehehe, many thanks you, awesome to be nominated twice, thank you doll and thank you girls for all your support and wonderful comments 😀

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