My Natural Hair Journey

Update on: ´´LOC Challenge – 28 Days´´ – Only 16 More Days To Go

Hello Dears,

Here is an update for you on how my challenge is going, if you do not know about it, feel free to click here.

First of all, thank you amazing girls for your full support and wonderful comments, always is inspiring 😀 😀 😀

Second, my hair seems to be liking the challenge, she maintained her moisture for 6 days which is pretty cool for me, this does not happen, so was very excited and happy to see she was doing well, doing the LOC Method every other day of course. Today is when she was super dry, so tomorrow will hydrate with gel from the aloe vera plant, coconut oil and my tresemme conditioner.

Third but not least, have tweaked up a bit, still deciding on which is a good wash day, will do this Sunday is not too exhausted and if I am, then next week on a weekday. Have also included Avocado Oil in my daily regimen, works really well for about 12 hours only though. Next next wash day, will use my Shea Moisture Coconut Cream instead, my yummy hair dessert, hehehe!!!!!!

So girls, as you can see, tweak any regimen so it works for your own tresses, she is happy and you will be happy and content 😀

❤ Thank you ever so much for reading My Ladies 

´´Isle of Azure ´´

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