Fun Ideas - Natural Tresses

Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – 2nd Blog Award



Hello Dearies,

!!!Yes indeed, have done 100 posts, date was August 1st 2014!!!

Am very happy IslandKynks has gotten this far and must day, am super excited to see where we are by next year.

This is a thank you and huge hug to every single one of you whom not only follow this blog, but has commented and like my different posts 😀 A MILLION THANK YOUS 😀

I plan to do more posts about cool recipes for our tresses, see how I can achieve a more healthy hair regimen, try a few more products, get back to doing some product reviews, cannot wait, have waited this long because I wanted to make sure they actually work 😀 In the distant future, will start to set up some cute short interviews of you awesome gals, your tips, funny natural hair stories and of course cute pics, plus some more surprises, so keep posted Girls!!!


Thank you very much for reading and your support!

´´ Isle of Azure ´´

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