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Quiz Results: Are You A Product Junkie?

Hello Ladies,
Check out this cool quiz by youngfabulous&natural 😀 Part 2


24-30 pts.

Product Obsessed!

A product sale is better than you shoe sale to you! At any given time you have 5 moisturizers, 3 different shampoos, and every type of conditioner available on the market. As soon as something new hits, you are on it!

17-23 pts.

Product Enthusiast 

Products are a great thing to have, in your eyes. They can really improve the health and look of your hair. But, once you find the one that you love, you stick with it. You are up for trying something new and change it up a bit but you are perfectly content with your current under the sink stash.

10-16 pts.

Product Snoozer

For you, products are not necessary and you are sleeping through all of the product launches. You are much prefer buying anything you use in your hair from the grocery store in the pasta aisle (i.e. olive oil)…

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Fun Ideas - Natural Tresses

Quiz: Are You A Product Junkie?

Hello Ladies,
Check out this cool quiz by youngfabulous&natural 😀


Are you the ultimate product junkie? Take this quiz now and find out!

1. How many shampoos do you have right now?

A. 3 or more

B. 1 for clarifying and another that is moisturizing.

C. I usually use apple cider vinegar but also have a backup.

2. How long do you use a product before deciding if you like it?

A. About a month

B. Until the product is empty.

C. I give it about a week at most.

3. How often do you buy a new product?

A. Usually only when I am repurchasing.

B. When my product is empty, I may take that chance to try something new.

C. Usually when I see something on sale.

4. How much do you spend on products per month?

A. $10-$20

B. I don’t limit myself to a budget.

C. My budget is more like $20 bimonthly.

5. You see…

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