Tips for Hair Growth

Tips for Hair Growth – Hibiscus Tea Challenge Review

Hello My Dears,

Hope your day is going along well, already the middle of the week!!!

Today I bring you the much late update 😀 of my Hibiscus challenge, which can be found here. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers who keep me on my toes 😀

Did the challenge work?! Yes!!! Here are the advantages and disadvantages I found:

PROS for Tea Rinse, Leave-In & Oil:

  1. Reduced shedding by 50% (specifically the Leave-In).
  2. Adds sheen to tresses (specifically the Oil).
  3. Fantastic shampoo (specifically the Tea Rinse).
  4. Increases volume of hair.
  5. Helps you retain moisture in your tresses.
  6. Your hair maintains styles better, especially twist outs and braid outs.
  7. 100% Natural for your hair, plus free if you have a plant in your yard.
  8. Keeps scalp pretty clean, even with adding more product to hair as time goes on.

CONS for Tea Rinse, Leave-In & Oil:

  1. No Cons for the Hibiscus Oil, works like a dream.
  2. The Leave-In & Tea Rinse works too well, started to give my hair a brown-reddish hue, and you girls know how much I love my black hair, never had hair so black so even though, it works well, stopped using it.

So girls, there you have it. Yes it works but will turn your hair color, very slowly but surely 😀 so will stick just to the oil.

😀 Thank you Ldies for reading, any questions, feel free to ask in comments 😀

´´Isle of  Azure´´


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