Fun Ideas - Natural Tresses

Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – The 2B2H Hair Style Challenge Collaboration with Miss Tress!

Hello Girls,

Hope all is well.

A cool idea came about from our lovely blogger Ms. Tress from

She decided to do 5 Styles using only 2 Bobby Pins and 2 Ponytail Holders which was lots of fun, more than I would have thought.

I did my styles on twist out hair with accessories to give her that extra oomph 😀 Sit back, take about 10 minutes and Enjoy D


2 Bobby Pins, 2 Ponytail Holders


Here they are with name of styles and mini written tutorial:



Flat Twist Upo

Part 1/3 of hair on side, flat twist both sides, tuck ends with bobby pins. If any hair is left out on the bottom, place both ponytails to hold together while wrapping hair around the bun (so ponytails are not visible), then add accessory of your choice.



Simple Updo


Pull hair all together to the top, then pull down, stretches hair a bit. Place 1 ponytail holder to hold hair in place, apply another while tucking ends in. Place 2 bobby pins to secure firmly and accessorize. Cute flower pins flow nicely with this style.



Double Bun Pin Up

Part hair in two, leave a bit more on top. Proceed to place top part of hair in ponytail, then do the same for the bottom piece. Try to place them loosely for a look with more volume, add pins to secure any hair that is out of place, then accessorize to your gusto. 



Flat Twist Pin Up

Part hair in 3 sections, first section, pin up front part of hair all the way back with one bobby pin. Flat twist second section and tuck away ends with other bobby pin. Third section, place hair in ponytail holder, tuck hair ends in and voila. Add accessories. 



Mini Updo Free Flowing

Love this one 😀 super easy! Take a section of you hair on top, place both ponytail holder, then use bobby pins to keep hair in place as you pull back gently and secure. Let the rest of your hair be free and flow in the wind 😀 add accessories to your delight. 



Wild and Sasy

Had lots of fun with this one. Pull gently all your hair to the left on top, place both ponytail holders to secure hair, hair bobby pins to make sure she stays in place. Add a cute accessory in the middle and voila!!! Wild and Sassy, made that up but you get the idea.

Miss Tress also has done something similar, so please check out her post here. Amazing girl & beautiful healthy relaxed hair.

It just shows me my dears, that we all can learn from each other no matter how we decide to have our hair, natural, relaxed, transitioned. Healthy hair is beautiful hair no matter color, type, texture. So, love and take care of your beautiful tresses and learn from each other 😀 

For all above styles, added accessories of my choice: small  flower pins, rose, butterfly & dragonfly clips, and yes, even a necklace.

😀 Thank you for reading lovelies and stay tuned tomorrow for surprise 😀 

´´Isle of  Azure´´


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