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!!! IslandKynks 1 Year Anniversary !!!


Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!


 !!!Good Morning My Divas!!! 

Yes, today is XD IslandKynks 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY XD my how time flies when you are having fun!!!

When I started this blog, had no idea it would be this successful, over 8,000 views, more than 200 followers and visitors from literally all around the world, so this is my chance to thank all my visitors from 6 continents ❤ still waiting on Antartica 😀


Of course as befits any anniversary, gifts are usually in order right  so I have a proposition for you 

I have !!!TWO GIVEAWAYS!!! They are just small gifts to say thank you for keeping updated, your awesome comments and sweet support. OK, so what is required? 

  1. First, I do wish I could open this up to all you amazing girls who live all over the world but I can´t because shipping fees would kill me, but no worries, have something special for you in a future post :D, so this giveaway are for those currently residing in the USA, that is where my mail address is, so makes it easier and less expensive to ship from there.
  2. Second, If you win, will require your full name and address to ship the prize there, you can send after you have been notified you won the prize.
  3. Third but not least, will require your permission to post on my blog from participants, if you choose to (will explain why below).

Now, still with me 😀 good. I love pics, so was thinking, why not do a collage of five pictures, the most creative two win!!!

Simply put, if you choose to enter, please email me the following in a collage:

  1. One picture of your gorgeous natural hair, in any style, form or shape you choose.
  2. One picture of your natural hair wet (could be Wash Day, coming from Beach, Pool, etc).
  3. A picture of your favorite conditioner.
  4. A picture of you just having an awesome day!!!
  5. A picture of something pink that is just too cute (I love pink remember 😀 )

A sweet app to create collages is PHOTO STUDIO from Google Play, link can be found here, or for Apple Devices, link here.

So, My Ladies, you have 1 month starting from today, because it will take time to get that together. Be imaginative, have fun, and be yourself!!! Due date for information is November 11th 2014, both winners will be picked on November 20th, (will not rush in choosing because want to be fair, so will take timewill let them know via post on my blog and prizes shipped on November 21st 2014.

!!!Judges will be myself and my girls 😀 Prizes go to the most creative, so have a blast girls!!!

My email is:, please put following subject on email (just so none of your precious emails do not land in spam): 

IslandKynks – Photo Collage for Amazing Natural Tresses

Ok, let us see, oooh, of course, the prizes are:


One more thing, if you will like to participate, would love to feature your collage on my blog, will do 2 to 3 per week, depending on how many I have. Each will have her own post and will let you know via email or comment when it is up and ready.

If that sounds good, then please add one positive quote that has motivated you to go on with your decision to return or remain natural, will add in post with your collage. See why you have one month 😀 😀 😀 Have fun, take your time and cannot wait! 

Thank you for reading, participating and supporting my site Girls, any questions, feel free to ask in comments 



20 thoughts on “!!! IslandKynks 1 Year Anniversary !!!”

    1. Thank you my sweets!!! Too kind and please keep rocking your hair, she is beautiful and you look so happy and gorgeous!!! Plus she is super healthy so also, keep up the fantastic work, is a lot but worth it all the way 😀

  1. happy blog anniversary! You’ve done great for just a year! The best to you for the future.. and I love the giveaway idea, will be borrowing it for the future.

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