Hair Recipes to Try

Hair Recipes to Try – The Leave-In Spritz

Hello Curlies, 

Easy Peasy 😀

Many thanks to BLACK GIRL LONG HAIR who posted this recipe, link to their recipe can be found here girls :D

By Chinwe of Hair and Health

* The Leave-In Spritz *


  • 5 Parts Water
  • 1 Part Conditioner (Your Favorite)


  1. Mix well in your spritz bottle.
  2. Use when needed.
  3. Refrigerate when done using.

!!!!!5 STAR RATING GIRLS!!!!! Gotta love the simplicity of this recipe but works beautifully for all of our tresses plus really convenient. What are some of your favorite conditioners? Do tell in the comments below and many thank yous 😀

Today is the finale of hair recipes until next year!!! Think we have more than enough to work with for the rest of the year 😀

Of course, the end brings a new beginning right, so this November month will begin my series of Hair Product Reviews. Products posted are ones I have been using in my personal hair regimen for more than 1 to 2 years, others are really new, so what I post is what really works for me. Will be posting weekly until the middle of December and then for last two weeks will be doing hairstyles and mini tutorials on how they were achieved. As always, any questions feel free to ask in comment or email me. Enjoy 😀 

 Thank You for Reading Curlies & to Ms. Chinwe from Black Girl Long Hair for posting this recipe  

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