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Hair Product Review – Salon Selectives 3 Minute Hair Therapy

Salon Selectives 3 Minute Hair Therapy
Salon Selectives 3 Minute Hair Therapy

Hello Sweets,

Next product is really new, just started to use about a month ago but WOW! This hair mask works wonders for my 4C tresses. 

Product: Salon Selective 3 Minute Hair Therapy – Intense Conditioning Treatment ( Argan Oil from Morocco)

Product Price: $3.50 for a 4.5 FL. OZ. or 133mL bottle. 

Where to Find: Online Dollar Stores (have to purchase in cases of 12 individual units), or try to look in your local dollar store.

Directions of Use: Use once a week or as often as needed to maintain healthy looking hair. Apply generously to wet hair after shampooing, from root to tip. Run a comb or your fingers through your hair to distribute evenly. Leave in for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

Personal Use for My Hair: Love this product 😀 so you girls know there is no way am washing out. I leave in and my hair is not only soft to the touch but remains moisturized up to 5 days with no re-moisturizing needed. Best use is on wet hair, when applied, dries quickly which is pretty nice . What I do, is apply to my tresses and seal ends with oil of preference. Works like a dream!!! Only bad thing is very difficult to find down here, found one bottle, used half in one sitting, so saving up for special occasion 😀

❤   Many thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment section below 

´´Isle of  Azure´´


21 thoughts on “Hair Product Review – Salon Selectives 3 Minute Hair Therapy”

    1. Hello my dear, the shampoo might be a bit harsh on your hair but see no reason why the conditioner should not work, try it, do a roller set and see how your hair likes it, then by all means, let me know, thanks my dear!!

    1. Hello dear, because its a treatment, try it once every 3 months, and then let me know the results on your tresses. Thank you and happy healthy hair days!!

    1. Thank you dear, much too kind of you 😀 😀 😀 awesome, also search in your local dollar store to see if you can find, hope you do and thank you for commenting 😀

  1. As a teenager in the 1980’s I loved salon selective, I loved how it made my hair look and feel but that scent….. loved it!!!!

    I lived overseas so I would buy over a dozen bottles of each shampoo, conditioner and hair spray. Oh yes, hair spray the best friend of almost every 80’s girl. When that ran out (I flew to Singapore monthly but the states only yearly) I bought Vidal Sassoon there.

    A city I frequently shop in close to where I live recently opened a dollar store. A new thing there and like many things there, you find the good with the bad.

    In checking out the wares with my daughter I saw salon selective. They didn’t carry the shampoo or conditioner but had the hair sprays and whatnot. I did spray a bit of the hair spray in its cap, wave it a bit to dissipate the alcohol and smelled that amazing scent I missed. I saw the jars of the 3 minute conditioner but didn’t think much of it.

    I see they are still in business, and can order the shampoo off amazon, and I am so going to do that.

    I pretty much wash and wear my hair long for the most part. I don’t even remember the last time I used a curling iron. But once in a blue moon I get sick of dealing with long hair and whack it off shoulder length which is where I am at now. Growing it out again. I love the look of the messy bun. Plus its easy. So I don’t always use conditioner every time I wash. Which is nice when my hair is shorter. (even with my shoulders is what I mean about short).

    But next time I go I am stocking up on these jars of 3 minute conditioner to use weekly thanks to your review. Then ordering and stocking up on the shampoo and some regular conditioner (for when my hair grows out) on amazon.

    Salon Selective is amazing for your hair. And the smell takes me right back to 1985 when I traveled the globe and I held the world in the palm of my hand.

    1. Awesome review, thank you so much for your comment, its an amazing product alright, last week I used in a friends hair and 3 days later, her hair was smoother than silk, this is one you want to try if you are looking for a moisturizing conditioner!!! Thanks for the comment Kristie and may you enjoy the rest of the site!!!

    1. Hello my dear, thanks for reading, because I only use for occasions and not for long term use, do not know this fact but if you can find product, purchase enough to use for a 1 month period to see if there is an increase in hair growth. Hope this helps : D 😀 😀

  2. I like to flat iron my very curly hair every now and then, and always seem to see some hair breakage in my sink. Is this 3minute stuff good to use beforehand? And does it make a difference if you leave it on more than the 3 minutes? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hello Dear Debbie,
      Thank you for commenting.
      I would suggest to use before and after, that way she is protected before using heat and then when you wash, apply so that way she is doubly protected. I used as a leave in and it worked wonders for me, but use to your preference for you own hair needs. Let me know if you need anything else 😀

  3. Today was the first I ever used this product on my hair. I was simply amazed at the results when I looked in the mirror at my hair and I thought if it does that then I ‘m going to get more. I’ll share more of my hair stories in the next round.
    Stay beautiful with awesome hair.

  4. I buy mine for $1 @ the 99¢ store here in LA! WORKS WONDERS!! Better than anything ive tried (beats $6 garnier leave in!!) Super shiny curls and stays shiney even after straightening it! I also use this with salon pro moroccon gel I also got at the 99¢ store…only now they dont sell them anymore x( sad..the only thing besides coconut oil that defined my curls…but im going to try and use this stuff as a leave in and see what happens!

    1. Thanks for the review dear, indeed, works wonders, if I find online, will post link, they used to sell the conditioners here and now no more, ughhhh but I will find it again! Hahahaha. Thanks dear.

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