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Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – The Natural Hair Blog Directory


Bonjour My Madames,

Have you ever wanted to go to just one site, that has everything you need to know about Natural Hair, from real women just like you & I? Where you can find just what you need in less than a few clicks? Well girls, that is exactly what The Natural Hair Blog Directory is all about and much much more.

Has some of the best information I can find about all textures of Natural Hair from Wavy to Curly to Coily to Kinky. Any of you girls out there want to add your own blog to the directory, feel free to, it really is an awesome place to be, plus super user friendly, any questions asked are responded to in less than a day.

The site just keeps getting better and better month after month, there are now Hairstyle ideas, a Topic Index which has a variety of topics  from Hair Care Regimens, to Roller Sets, from Up-Dos to Protective Styles, everything you need or want to know about our natural tresses and how to care for them.

Every month there is a feature of an amazing naturalista, talking about her own journey, what has helped her and great tips we can learn from each other.

One of  my favorite features is the Monthly Soapbox Discussion where a question is asked, and all bloggers who are listed in the Directory, can answer and give their opinions and experiences, really enjoy reading through this section because I learn so much from others with all this wealth of information!

The link to the directory can be found here: The Natural Blog Hair Directory

😀 So Girls, when you have a few minutes, take a seat, sip some of your favorite Coffee or Tea and check out the Site, am sure you will not be disappointed 😀

❤  Thank you tons for reading and Enjoy the rest of your Evening 








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