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Hair Product Review – Tresemme Aloe Vera Anti-Sponge Conditioner

Tresemme Aloe Vera Anti-Sponge Conditioner
Tresemme Aloe Vera Anti-Sponge Conditioner

Hello Cuties,

Another of my favorites from Tresemme and also part of my staple products!

Product: Tresemme Aloe Vera Anti-Sponge Conditioner for Hair that tends to Frizz

Product Price: $7.50 for a 32 FL. OZ. or 946mL bottle. 

Where to Find: Local supermarkets or stores, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Target, hair beauty supply stores in your area.

Directions of Use: Apply an adequate amount from mid-shaft to ends, working anything that´s left through roots. Run fingers from roots to ends to detangle and fully coat hair. Les, leave-on 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

Personal Use for My Hair: Really love this product, although I have noticed, works best in rainy weather. Coats hair really well, and yes, does indeed reduce frizz a bit. As with all my conditioners, use as a leave-in. This conditioner works best on soaking wet or wet hair. Very thick consistency so you need just a bit. Maintain yours hair moisturized especially during those winter months. 

🙂  Many thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment section below 🙂

´´Isle of  Azure´´

2 thoughts on “Hair Product Review – Tresemme Aloe Vera Anti-Sponge Conditioner”

  1. I haven’t tried anything from Tresemme but the brand is on my radar. Thanks to your review, I’ll be on the look out for this one. Have you tried the Tresemme Naturals conditioner? If yes, how did it work?

    1. OOOh, yes I did and fell in love!!!!! EXCELLENT CONDITIONER – 5 STAR RATING!!! Will try to order some soon or purchase when the stores down here get again. Its really creamy and thick, excellent especially for 4C tresses. You can apply and leave in and no problem. When I purchase again, will do a review 😀

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