Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Twist Out

Good Evening My Dears,

Hope your Sunday evening is going well.

Usually, don´t do many hair styling ideas but was inspired by our Awesome Naturalista Ms. Shenay!!!

She did an absolutely amazing twist out and her style came out beautifully, to check out her link, click here, YourHairIsCrazy.

I tried it the first time, but did not come out so well, so did a second time and love the results on my 4c tresses, so here goes.

Products I used was:

  1. Kids Organics Protein Conditioner
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Okra Mix (to slightly dampen hair)

Instructions on how I did the twists:

  1. Parted hair in 4 sections, then divided each into sections of 8.
  2. Dampened hair with Okra Mix, applied Coconut Oil, then Protein Conditioner.
  3. Applied Coconut Oil to seal ends.
  4. Covered hair with Satin Bonnet and allowed to fully dry, took 2 days (yes, its pouring right now in the Tropics).

Did this on second week hair, tying to stretch Wash Days for another week, will see how that goes 😀 

My results:

Defined Chunky Twist Outs
Defined Chunky Twist Outs


Side View
Side View







Love it!
Love it!




As you can see, my results came out differently, it is to be expected, and she is growing larger and puffier as we speak 😀 Please note: For those protein sensitive, you can use your own thicker conditioner or holding cream.

Am extremely happy and this will certainly be one of my new protective styles. Thank you ever so much Ms. Shenay for being an inspiration to us all. Please keep the awesome posts coming and once again, many thanks my dear.

 Thank you Cuties for reading & Enjoy your  Evening.

´´Isle of Azure´´

13 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Twist Out”

    1. Thanks my dear 😀 ha ha ha, all our hair is different, what some can do, others cannot but for me, that is the beauty of natural hair, unique in every which way!!

  1. Looks great. All I use now is Aussie Moist conditioner. No oil either. Works wonders in the Tropics. Combats Humidity and a little goes a long way. The oil seems to break down the barrier against the humidity so I just style with conditioner and re-braid with conditioner when necessary. May spritz w a little water before. Love it!

    1. Anytime my dear and thank you!! My first one was interesting 😀 😀 :D, second time I followed your directions correctly which is why it worked, so thank you.

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