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Hair Product Review – Mamme Oil

Mamme Oil
Mamme Oil

Hello Divas,

This oil is not well known or found but if you can find it, worth purchasing.

Product: Mamme Oil

Product Price: $3.00 for a 60 ml bottle. 

Where to Find: Check your local pharmacies, hair product stores, Amazon, Ebay, Supermarkets or ask around at local stores.

Directions of Use: Apply a small amount at night, massaging onto scalp, wash out in the morning with shampoo. 

Personal Use for My Hair: Love the way this oil works on my scalp and tresses. Now as I said earlier, this one is a bit difficult to find if not impossible, had to purchase while away cause cannot find here on Island, so save for special occasions or use once every 3 months as hair dessert. Has a strong aroma and when placed on hair, your tresses will have an oh so sweet aroma. 

⭐  Many thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment section below

´´Isle of  Azure´´

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