Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Natural Hair Styling Ideas – My First Succesful Flat Twists in Pictures




Hello Ladies,

Hope all is well with you.

As our hair continues to grow in volume and length, it becomes a bit more difficult, at least in my case. 

For these past few months, have been racking my brain looking for a protective style that I could put in and leave for about 1 month, without manipulating my hair on a daily basis. Two strand twists have always been a favorite of mine, but after 2 years, I want to learn how to do something new, you know, out of my comfort zone, so thought to myself why not try, Flat Twists.

Now, I know, most of you girls are amazing at flat twists and are Masters at this Art but not me, am merely a beginner of a beginner! As with all things, will get better with time……………….I hope…….. hahahaha……. we shall wait and see.

I did try 2 times before, but both styles came out terrible, so this time, I sat down and did it as best as I could to be presentable. The first two times, because am extremely tender-headed, did them way too tight and boy did my scalp hurt! So did them looser this time and no pain, YES! This will be my new go to style for next 6 months to 1 year, depending on good my progress is.

Did the flat twists using my two strand twisted hair with a bit of conditioner mix, olive oil to seal and of course water to hydrate. 

Pictures: – Lighting was off but you get the idea 😀





For me, its a bit hard when starting, but once I got it, became much easier. Watched 3 You Tube tutorials that really worked for me and maybe they will help those still learning this technique. If you will like to watch them, please click on the following links:

How to Flat Twist Tutorial: Grab, Add & Twist by MissCinnamonCake

Natural Hair Updated | Updated Flat-Twist Out by Mini Marley

Beginner Two Strand Flat Twist Tutorial EASY by MyNameIsNot AYEESHA

This is another one of the reasons, I love natural hair, because there is always something new to learn how to do or how to improve. Flat Twists are a very beautiful and unique way to style your hair plus the styles are endless as you progress and improve.

😀 Thanks for reading Dears! Any advice, questions or ideas on Flat Twists, please feel free to comment below. Have an amazing day an until next time 😀

´´ Isle  of  Azure ´´

10 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styling Ideas – My First Succesful Flat Twists in Pictures”

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Anytime my dear, but let me tell you this, I am the biggest baby when it came to flat twists, have to left hands, hahahaha, but was able to figure it out my own way, so if you ever feel like trying it, watch some videos but alter to your own unique way 😀 that is what I do, I watch a video and then do my own thing 😀 Cannot cornrow either, maybe will learn in 2016 😀
      Thanks for commenting!

  1. I love it on you and i have been thinking about trying flat twists on my own hair for awhile now so this just motivated me to give it a try!! great video as well….

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