Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Twist & Curl Tutorial



Hello My Sweets,

Hope you week is going well and if not, then there is still time to have a much better week 😀

This year is really working out well for me with different styles, our natural ladies have been coming up with awesome hair styles that are not only easy, fun but look absolutely awesome. As with all styles, watch, learn and tweak to your specific hair needs and it will work for you.

My inspiration this time is gorgeous GoldennLocks, she did an awesome video tutorial, to see, click here: GoldennLocks Defined Twist and Curl Tutorial

There you will find exactly how she achieved the style plus an excellent video tutorial and guide, if you have any questions, do feel free to ask her in above link.

Thank you so much my dear, not only am I personally in love with this style, but want to try it on some of my natural sisters plus all my family loves it. It is perfect for any occasion from chic to fancy, you do not even need accessories, the style itself is your hair accessory.

Products Used:

  1. My Conditioner Mix (Tresemme Conditioner with Olive Oil)
  2. No Ad Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Olive Oil

Here are the 5 steps I did to achieve this style: Please note, hair was already in small 2 strand twists *

  1. Applied Conditioner to hair, followed with aloe vera gel and olive oil to seal ends.
  2. Proceeded to curl 2 sets of twists on rod, starting from ends to scalp, as firm as possible.
  3. Did in two´s because did not have enough rods for each individual one. 
  4. When all done, covered hair with satin bonnet and of to sleepy time. 
  5. In the morning, uncover hair, apply some olive oil on your hands, start to take out curls, be gentle and take down each rod in a curling mode fashion. 

*** By all means, make sure your hair is 100% dry when taking down, very important so your curls will remain in place;  is why I did this style on dry hair. Wash day was done about 4 days before trying this style. As always, adapt to your own hair needs ***


Pictures with Rod Set:






My Results:



As you can see, my results are a bit different which will happen, your results will always be different in their own amazing way. This is now one of my favorite styles!!! Maintenance, in my case, is adding a small amount of gel or oil to ends and curl back onto rods each night, takes me about 10-15 minutes tops. To maintain her moisture, I do the L.O.C. Method every 3 days, keeps her moisturized, happy and super soft. 

🙂 Thank you My Dears for reading, many thanks to my Hair Inspiration GoldennLocks, and Have an Enchanting Evening Ladies 🙂

´´ Isle of  Azure´´

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