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Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – The Creative Blogger Award




Hello My Dears,

A surprise for you and I, have been nominated by the Beautiful Ms. D’aller Naturel, please do check out her blog, excellent information for our natural hair, features everything from Curly Styles to DIY Product recipes and Events and Expos, etc.

Thank you my dear so much, this award means a lot because it shows that as my viewers, you are liking what you see and that makes me extremely happy 😀 😀 😀 So here we go, first are the rules, then the facts about yours truly and then my nominees.

The Creative Blogger Award Rules:

  1. Post the link of the blog that provided you with the nomination and give thanks! 
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs and provide their links in your post.
  4. Contact each of the 10 nominees via their blogs, Facebook , or other forms of social media informing them of their nomination.
  5. Provide the rules to your nominees (feel free to copy these rules directly).

Facts About Myself:

  1. Pink is my absolutely favorite color.
  2. I love to to travel but Home is Home on my little Island.
  3. Favorite Shows are Poirot, Ms. Marple, Are you being served?, Keeping Up Appearances, yes I do love British Shows.
  4. Going through a hard time with my natural hair at this moment but doing all I can to maintain healthiness and a positive attitude.
  5. I love natural hair, every texture, every hair type, color, Natural Hair is beautiful and amazing at any and every length. 

My Gorgeous Creative Nominees:

  1. Fashiontwinz84
  2. The Hair Garden
  3. Maicurls
  4. Zedhair
  5. Somi’s Hair
  6. NapturallyMe3
  7. Your Hair Is Crazy
  8. Awkwardly Natural
  9. Coexisting Naturals
  10.  Knot My Curls


😀 Thank you my dears for reading and do hope you enjoyed. Have a Lovely Evening 😀

“Isle of  Azure”



4 thoughts on “Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – The Creative Blogger Award”

    1. Hahahaha, making me blush and smile my dear, it because I learn from lovely girls like all of you here on WordPress, BEST NATURAL HAIR SUPPORT GROUP EVER!!!!

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