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Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Nia



Our next guest is our Curlicious Ms. Nia,

Our newly natural has had quite a hard time in the beginning but she stuck to her journey and oh my, curls galore indeed!!!

Here is her Natural Hair Story, do enjoy My Sweets: 

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A: Hey my name is Nia aka NiaKnowsHair.

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural .from Birth?

A: I kind of transitioned/big chopped (I had 2 inches of new growth and cut off about 5/6 inches of dead hair so to me it was like a drastic big chop).

3) How long have you been natural?

A: Exactly one year since my BC, however I hid under upart wigs for 6 months so officially natural is only 6 months.  

4) What made you return natural?

 A: It happened by accident lol. I started off my social media sites NiaKnowsHair based on my love of weave. I was sharing regular tips and tricks on weave and even selling it. But then I was seeing more and more naturals and I started to feel like a prisoner of my weave. I desperately wanted to feel free, and seeing all the other naturals on social media finally gave me the push and confidence that I needed.

5) How hard or easy was your first year of being natural?

A: The first month of wearing my hair natural was one of the hardest things ive ever done. I felt so ugly and missed having long flowing hair extensions, but I was adamant to stick it out. Luckily I had a partner who encouraged me so much to stay natural and it really did help me build up my confidence. After the first month it got so much easier. Now im just obsessed with my curls. I still look in the mirror now and think wow I love my hair!

6) What helped you the most, to remain natural?

A: Just knowing how much I loved natural hair kind of helped me continue my journey. It was something that I really wanted to do – I don’t give up once I’m really into something. Also, starting my blog and finding the natural hair community was definitely helpful as well. I met so many ladies who were in the same position as I was or that already went back to natural hair and I loved how confident and happy they looked.

7) Your 3 favorite products and why?

 A: When it comes to products I have pretty much used the same since I became natural. I don’t experiment much as what I’m using works perfectly fine. I adore Tresseme Naturals Conditioner which I use as a leave in. Afrofit Pure Coconut Oil is a must. Its by a British owned company as well which I love and support. And my styling product which I cannot live without is the Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. This gets my curls popping every time without fail.

8) What do you love about your unique tresses?

A: I love the thickness of my hair. Growing up I always despised how thick my hair was. Since going natural a year ago and learning how to care for my hair properly, I now adore the thickness. It gives my hair amazing volume whether I wear it up or down.

9) What is your least favorite task when dealing with your natural hair?

A: My least favorite task by far is drying my hair after washing it. I know the best way to let my hair dry is by letting it dry naturally with no heat, but after about 20 minutes I get really impatient and I always end up using my hair dryer. In the summer months its not so bad as the warm temperature helps it dry a lot quicker, but in the winter, I find it such a drag.

10) How do you inspire other girls to return natural?

A: I love to inspire others simply by sharing my own natural hair journey every step of the way. Whether that be sharing tutorials on how to style Afro hair, product reviews or treatments I like to do on my own hair. I have had so many people contact me asking me for advice on how to go natural and what to do. I also regularly have mothers contact me for advice on how to care for their daughters hair. I love the fact that people are coming to me advice and appreciating the advice I give them. Seeing them flourish on their own natural hair journey is a beautiful thing.


11) So far in your journey, what is your favorite hair style?


 A: For me its  the simple Wash and Go. I love letting my curls hang loose wild and free like they are supposed to. This style is also so rewarding for me because as the months pass, It really allows me to see just how much my hair has grown and how my curls are forming.

 😀 This post shows us the importance of learning to love and accept our tresses for what they truly are: !!!BEAUTIFUL!!! 😀

Would you like to know more information about our very stunning Naturalista, then please check out her contact links:

INSTAGRAM – niaknowshair

Thank you Queens for reading, many thank yous to Ms. Nia for participating & You All Have a fantastic Day 

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