My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey – 300 Followers Plus


Merci Beaucoup Madames & Monsieurs


Good Evening to All,

Just to say thank you all 314 and counting dears for continuing to follow IslandKynks posts and journey.

Never would have thought would have this large of an audience so gotta be something here that keeps you all coming hack, hahaha.

Have been having a wonderful time doing the Natural Hair Blog Features and  I see you all are enjoying that also due to increase in views.

Will start to add posts on hair care for those of us whose hair is thinning out, mine is so am on TLC Mode, lets see if it works, in 4 months we shall see.

Thank you to all my viewers, girls and guys, for the up-building comments, the many likes and the more than 16,000 plus views!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and make sure you have fun as well as rest.

Isle of  Azure


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