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Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – 3 Month Intensive Hair Care Challenge

Gorgeous Hibisccus
Gorgeous Hibisccus for My Natural Flowers


Aloha My Ladies,

How not better to start the month off, then with an Intensive Hair Care Challenge for 3 months, from June 1st to Sep. 1st 2015.

Especially if you girls come and join 😀 😀 😀 so what do you say, if you want to join than YAY and if not, then no worries 😀 😀 😀

When it comes to our natural hair, all of our hair needs vary and are different so for this challenge, we will just stick to 3 RULES:

  1. Use as many natural products as you can in your own personal hair care regimen, such as your Oils, DIY Products, etc.
  2. Keep your regimen as simple and as hassle free as possible, the less stressful for you, the less stressful for your hair. 
  3. Maintain the moisture in your hair, either, daily or weekly, whichever works for you. 

As time passes, our hair needs change and so have mine, so have incorporated 3 new hair items in my hair regimen:

Tweaking My Hair Regimen in Honor of :

Chiteu of

In Honor of Her Article on Zedhair: PILLOWY SOFT CANDY FLOSS HAIR

My Weekly Care – Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

  1. In the Morning, mist hair with H2O to recuperate moisture lost – Hair Spritz – 1 part Olive Oil – 3 Parts Purified Water.
  2. Every 3 days (Wednesdays and Saturdays), at night, will apply Batana Oil to my scalp and ends to strengthen, add shine and minimize frizz. 

My Wash Day – Every 2 Weeks on Saturdays

  1. Apply Deep Conditioner (3 TBS of VO5 Shea Cashmere Conditioner, 3 TBS of Mayonnaise, 3 TBS of Olive Oil), leave in for 30 minutes.
  2. Proceed to finger detangling hair (takes 1 hour 30 minutes) and using big tooth comb to make sure all tangles are out.
  3. Rinse out with Warm Water then Cold Rinse.
  4. Apply Batana to Scalp and ends, plus Styling Cream, while doing protective style, either 2 strand twists, braids or bantu knots. Takes 3 hours.
  5. Total time of My Wash Day: 5 hours. Yessss, this is my simplified version, hahahaha, but the upside, don’t have to do until in 2 weeks so worth it!

Apply One of the following treatments in hair every 1 Month:

  1. Do a Black Pekoe Tea Rinse, leave in for 15 minutes.
  2. Protein Treatment (1 Egg, 1 Spoon of Mayonnaise, 2 Spoons of Olive Oil), Leave in for 30 minutes.
  3. Hot Oil Treatment (Olive, Coconut or other oil of choice) leave in for 45 minutes.

My Eating Habits – Daily

  1. Drink 1 Vitamin E tablet daily, excellent for overall health and your tresses.
  2. Drink daily intake of water per day and at least 2 cups of Hot Tea per day, keep body hydrated and your hair will thank you for it. 
  3. Eat healthier, cut out junk food (my weakness), replace with Fruits and Veggies, cut out Carbonated Drinks, replace with Natural Juices.

Yes girls, am serious on this, hahahaha, the things we do for our tresses right.

Think of your whole body as a tree, if you are healthy on the inside which means eating as healthy as possible, your body grows and strengthens. Your scalp is your roots, so keep it hydrated from the inside and outside, which will contribute to healthy hair. Your hair are your leaves, which show you how you are doing, if she is happy, she will grow and thrive. If not, she will begin to fall or thin out, which is RED ALERT, something wrong and its time to for you to reconsider what you are doing and fix the problem.

Personally, right now, am in the Red Alert stage which is why am doing this, so will see how it goes, in 3 months I should be able to see if my regimen is working or if I need to tweak again, as we know, only time will tell so we shall see and hope for the best.

Ok, who is up for the challenge, as stated earlier, only the first 3 rules need be followed, the rest is just so you can know what I will be personally doing in my hair care regimen, so no worries. For all those participating in challenge, feel free to do your own posts stating your own hair care regimen and if you like, feel free to comment here how your challenge is going, as always, Have Fun!!!!!

!!!Thank you Dearies for Reading and feel free to add your own tips, advice and comments, wish you all the Best!!!

“Isle of  Azure”


4 thoughts on “Fun Ideas – Natural Tresses – 3 Month Intensive Hair Care Challenge”

    1. Thanks my dear!!!!!! Trying to do the best to get these curls back on track and healthy, many thanks for the support, I agree 😀 😀 😀

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