My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey – The Root of My Hair Thinning – Stress

Hello Dears,

I think we can all agree, it has been one stressful year and for me, effects are on my hair. Root of my hair thinning is no other than stress!!!

You know I share all with you girls, that is hair related so of course had to let you know. Have been tempted to BC due to hair loss and was frankly, extremely disappointed in myself and angry which made me stress even more and even more upset, and so on and so on so was ready to do away with her completely but had my Mom check her out and she informed me that my hair is healthy and growing but thinning due to the stress so, was sad but I am a fighter always and decided, we can do this, so nurture her back to health and see if it works before I BC. Will not give up on her, when life throws you down, you get back up and fight!

In that case, will try 1 Year Trial to see if I can regain the thickness I once had. My mom will help with maintaining her for the next 2 months and then, if all, the next 8 months, we shall both take turns nurturing her back to health during this and next year.

My hair regimen will be super simplified to avoid over manipulation, will do hair massages daily, style every 3 weeks, wash day, will be a DC, wash and style, every 2 months a treatment of choice, and styling product, my conditioner mix with oils, that’s it.

Diet will consist of many fruits, vegetables, water, hot teas, will try to cut down on anything with gluten, at least eating once per week only avoiding junk food, at least once a month only. Currently on natural meds to calm my nerves and lower stress factor. 

With our natural hair, it takes time to see the difference but am more than willing to wait and see how she is coming along, am also taking Vitamin E daily, do believe that is helping out a lot and Vitamin B-12 to soothe nerves and makes me sleep like a baby.

So my sweets, that is my saga, hahaha, life right! Will post pictures once every 4 months to keep you updated on her progress with details.

Thank you my Dolls and Loves for all the support and love you show and continue to show on IslandKynks.

Are you currently going through a hair trauma and trying to repair? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

Any tips or advice you want to give, go right ahead, share below or email me at:

Isle of  Azure

23 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey – The Root of My Hair Thinning – Stress”

    1. Thank you oh so much doll!!!!!! I won’t!!!! Indeed, my regimen is super simple, will do post in about a month so you girls can keep up with my progress, it really is disappointing but that’s life, in time, she will get better , thank you for the encouragement and wish you the best!

  1. Hey mami! Don’t cut it, after I had my son I went through a crazy hair shed, I started deep conditioning with doo gro intense thickening repair and my hair around my edges have started to grow back! But by all mean don’t cut it!! This was a great read, your blog is pretty awesome!! When you get a chance if you can check out mines and my video thank you so much!🌷🌷😘

    1. Hello my dear!!!! Thank you soo much, all your darlings have been oh so helpful and supportive, its amazing!!! Indeed, will be waiting for 1 year to give her a chance and providing you all with updates every 3 months, pics and all. Heading over to your site as we speak and thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Checking out your blog also!!!

      1. I’m super excited, I hope you get the result you are looking for! can’t wait to see those pictures too!!!

  2. I had a quite similar experience, due to a stressful year myself. I caught it a little while back and I have since trimmed my hair 3 times. It is now regaining its glory. Maybe you can do the same. Start with evaluating where the damage is, and treat it. Your regimen may have to change to address the specific problems you are experiencing, as you suggested. My experience of this is pretty much what lead to the sequence of posts on my blog, so maybe you can check it out.

    1. Indeed dear, damage is my ends, trimmed 3 times now also, so working on them, keeping it simple and incorporating healthy food diet for next year and beyond, plus will be using castor oil and she a butter on hair, they are best for our hair to bring back to healthy state, many thanks dear. Progress takes time, so hope in one year to see progress, one day at a time right, thank you soooo much!!! Any more tips or advice, feel free to contribute. Doing a super simple hair regimen, water, conditioner and hair butter, cause I think also used way to many products on her, so we shall see.

  3. Whatever bc means don’t do it. Your hair is beautiful . You should try the hair tea. Scott loves the neck tie pin. He wears it all the time. We love you.

    1. Hello my sweethearts, muchas gracias!!! BC means to Big Chop, don’t worry, I wont, have thought it over and will work with what I have!!! Do send me the name of the hair tea you are using please and many thanks, see you all in 2 months and will bring you a lil something 😀 😀 😀 Love you both Mama and Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You just answer the same questions and tag people at the end to do the same. I have some short instructions on my post (that’s where the link directs you)

  4. I’m also glad that you have decided not to BC right away. As you know, I became really frustrated when mine and chopped it all off and regretted it. I’m currently trying to get my ends in tip top shape. They are excessively dry in some areas and I’m now realizing that this is normal for my hair and will have to be something I focus on consistently.

    I wish you well as you rehab her! ☺

    1. Many thanks my sweet!!!!!!!!!! Your hair is amazing, have and always will love and yes, I understand, work with what I have and go from there, thank you so much my dear for the support and encouragement!!!!!

  5. I’m so glad you’re not cutting it just yet. Your hair is so beautiful. No one can see it has lost bulk. She’ll be back. No worries and if you decide to bc that’s fine too. We love you anywhich way you wear your hair. Just know that the thinning won’t go away by cutting it off… Love your plan…. It will work. How bout those okra treatments?

    1. Awwwww, thank you CSI!!! Hehehehehe, that is true, indeed doing okra treatments, we shall know on July 31st, that will be 3 weeks, so will you sweethearts posted and updated! Again, thank you, you have made my day!!!!!!!!!

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