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Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Sade Hankey



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Our next guest is our Youngest Featured Naturalista, Lovely Sade!!!

Beautiful Young Lady and Loves her natural tresses!!!

Here is her Natural Hair Story, do enjoy Girls,

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A: Hello! My name is Sade Hankey, also know as, creator of Coexisting Naturals. I am sixteen years old, and hope to be an entrepreneur. I was born on a small island in the Caribbean called Grenada, but I now live in the US. I have been a natural hair and fashion fanatic for almost two years now. Natural hair is my affair.

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural from Birth?

A: I have been natural since birth.  I say natural I meaning I have never put anything in my hair to alter the texture.

3) How long have you been natural?

A: I have never tried to change texture of my hair, but to my true meaning of natural I have been natural since the summer of July 2013..

4) What made you return natural?

A: I had been spending a lot of time around my cousins and aunts who were natural and were quite jealous of the condition their hair was in. At the time I didn’t understand why my hair couldn’t look and behave like theirs. It wasn’t up until then that I realized that I had not been taking care of my hair the way I should. I became actively involved in the Youtube natural hair community and haven’t left since.

5) How hard or easy was your first year of being natural?

A: My first year of being a natural was pretty easy for me. I jumped right into by cutting off a few inches of my damaged hair and went straight to protective styling for six months. Once my hair came out I had enough information on how to take care of it.

6) What helped you the most, to remain natural?

A: The support I received from strangers I had never met when they saw my hair. The would see me and cross the street to ask questions about my hair and compliment it.

7) Your 3 favorite products and why?

A: All Shea Moisture Products, excluding the Gel Souffle. DNA Leave-in Conditioner, and Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Conditioner. I love them because they leave my hair feeling soft and moisturized.

8) What do you love about your unique tresses?

A: I love how I can look at the hair of others and not see anything about their hair that is like mine. I also love the unique styles I can do with it, and the curious stares I get when pulling them off.

9) What is your least favorite task when dealing with your natural hair?

A: My least favorite task by far is styling. Early on in my journey I would twist my hair the same day as wash day and wear it for weeks. Now that I have gotten lazy, I will literally wash my hair, stretch it and then bun it for the next two weeks, taking it down every night to re-stretch.

10) How do you inspire other girls to return natural?

A: One of my best friends had moved from Jamaica to the US. When she arrived here she had no one to take care of her hair for her. She eventually relaxed her hair. She then consecutively put her hair in box braids and braids for months. When she finally removed it she had lots of new growth and cut her hair. She had planned on relaxing her hair again because it was easier for her to care. Being the persistent friend I am I kept on her, sending videos, and photos of naturalistas. She has now been natural for over seven months now.


 11) So far in your journey, what is your favorite hair style? 


A: In my journey so far my favorite style has been by far Box Braids. In the beginning of my journey I cut my hair and crochet braided my hair for six months, changing the style three times. The take down of the crochet braids was too much for me. I love box braids because it’s just relaxing to do them yourself and an easy take down process. Plus there is so much you can do with them.

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😀 This post shows uthe importance of believing in yourself and lovving our hair texture from a young age and as we grow up 😀

Thank you Darlings for reading, many thank yous Ms. Sade for participating and you all have a beautiful day!!!!

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