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Natural Hair Inspiration – Love Your Tresses



Hello My Sweets,

Hope your weekend is going well and if not, there is still time to fix that 😀

This post today is to serve as an inspiration to all of us, in regards to our natural hair. I find that, now more than ever, there is a lot of pressure of how many define what natural hair should look like, what style is best, how hair should feel, but Natural hair is Natural hair, it is not defined by one look, style or texture but comes in a whole unique variety, beauty on a whole other level so what is there not to love??!!!!

Each of us has a different pattern, texture, coil, curl, kink, wave you name it, and every length known to man 😀 Every single head of natural hair is beautiful and different, each in their own way and most of all unique which means: the only of it’s kind, unlike anything else. With that in mind, remember to cherish and appreciate your own tresses, she is absolutely gorgeous in every way, how can she not be, she is yours!!!!!

Right now, I want you to get up, go to your mirror, observe your hair, really look at her, see those curls, coils, kinks, waves, see that head of hair, that is yours, all 100,000 plus, all yours Girlie. No matter if you are going through a hair crisis right now, your hair is still your hair, you have worked hard to get to this point, so continue to take care of her, give her TLC and love her foe what she is, !!!!!YOURS MAMA!!!!!!

For my girls thinking of returning natural, really think about it, why not try it for 1 year? See what your natural hair looks like. Write down the pros and cons, do your research, look at it from both angles, are you willing to start this exciting life changing decision? Most importantly, if you decide to return natural, do it for you, not anyone else. It will take you time, courage, patience, and self-love, but you can do this my dear!

For my transitioners, yes I know its hard and quite a change but do not give up, you will make it, take one day at a time. Transition for as long as you want, no pressure, its your hair. When you are ready to go fully natural, you will know. Each month, take pictures to see how your journey is going, learn what your hair likes and dislikes as you transition, some days will be harder than others, but in the end, it will worth it!

For my naturals, please continue to love and take care of your hair, following your own personalized hair regimen. Do what is beneficial for your tresses and be your own Natural Hair Guru because who knows your hair better than you? Apart from Mama of course!!! 😀 Help and encourage others if you can, there is no greater inspiration than seeing a Naturalista who loves her hair and commends others delightfully.

Natural hair breaks all the rules, she defies gravity like no other, no matter how many times you do the same style, she refuses to come out the same, she is wild and knows it, tame is not even in her dictionary. She does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. Natural hair is wild and fierce, as simple as that, she inspires awe when seen, unique in every way and that is what you have on your head, Cool right!

From my own personal experience, you do not need to use every product that comes out or change to the latest and newest hair regimen, keep it as simple as you can:

  1. Moisturizer – water is the best moisturizer on earth for your tresses.
  2. Conditioner or Hair Cream – choose the one that works for you, has to make detangling much easier while adding softness and sheen.
  3. Hair Butter – choose the one your hair loves, aids in strengthening your hair and especially the ends. 
  4. Hair Oil – choose the one that best seals in moisture and works well with your hair. 

Keep up the great work dears, continue to treasure your tresses, keep it simple and wish you all Happy Healthy Hair days Always.

😀 Thank you for reading, any advice, tips or comments, please feel free to add below and Smilies 😀

“Isle of Azure”





6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Inspiration – Love Your Tresses”

  1. this was absolutely beautiful! thank you isleofazure! being natural is definitely a learning process.

    1. Many thanks my dear shrinkxkins, am soo happy you enjoyed, its part of My Inspiration series to inspire us to love our tresses always!!!! Indeed, we learn everyday 😀 😀 😀

    1. Awwww, thank you my dear, that is soooo sweet 😀 😀 😀 I welcome you and hope that enjoy and learn different tips for your beautiful tresses 😀 😀 😀

  2. “Natural hair breaks all the rules, she defies gravity like no other, no matter how many times you do the same style, she refuses to come out the same, she is wild and knows it, tame is not even in her dictionary.”

    AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH!!! haha

    I agree to your recommendations on conditioner. I used to be stuck on expensive conditioners that other naturals swear by but they were so expensive that I used very little and they did not soften my hair on contact or make detangling easier. Today, I use Aussie Moist which is cheap and WORKS!

    Awesome post xx

    1. Awesome dear, so glad you enjoyed 😀 😀 😀 excellent, that is what you have to do and continue doing, what works for you and love your tresses, your hair is gorgeous!!! I know, I have seen her 😀 😀 😀 Thanks so much for commenting.

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