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Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Ekene



marley twists

Our following guest is Beautiful Ekene,

A Jewel from the beautiful Africa, she is here with us.

Here is her Natural Hair Story, do enjoy Lovelies,

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A: Hello there! My name is Ekene. I’m a Nigerian girl, writing you from Lagos! A lawyer by day (and by night), I am also one half of the hair blog –!

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural from Birth?

A: I did the big chop on May 30, 2012 after transitioning for 8 months. 

3) How long have you been natural?

A: I have been fully natural for 3 years. 

4) What made you return natural?

A: I discovered the amazing natural hair community while searching the Internet for healthy hair tips for my relaxed hair. Before this, I did not know it was an option to wear my hair natural. My eyes were opened. All the textures, the versatility and the styles. Even though I was tired of relaxing my hair, I didn’t know for sure that I would remain natural for ever, but at that point I knew I just HAD to try. 

5) How hard or easy was your first year of being natural?

A: My first year was not too easy or too hard. In my relaxed days, I wasn’t doing anything. I had never even washed my own hair. So it was a new experience, learning about hair, learning about my hair. I wasn’t length focused at all & thanks to one silly uninformed experience at a barbershop, I believe I lost most of the length I grew during my transition! By the end of it though, at least I figured out how my hair likes to be moisturized 🙂

6) What helped you the most, to remain natural?

A: Hmmmm. I think deciding to accept my hair, MY natural for all it is, is what has helped the most. 

7) Your 3 favorite products and why? A:

  1. Shea Moisture Mousse: gives me good definition and its a very light product, so for my hair that takes ages to dry, it’s really wonderful. 
  2. Nothing But Intense Healing Mask: the first DC I tried that really made an impression! And I’ve stuck with it as a staple ever since. 
  3. Hello Hydrationfave for co-washing. It is SO moisturising. Love it, love it!

8) What do you love about your unique tresses?

A: I love my hair. I love how thick she is. How Coily. Honestly, I see God in my hair. Been together for 3 years and I’m still often surprised by new things- the things she can do, how she interacts with the environment. I love that she fascinates me. I love that she feels like me- an expression of my personality!

9) What is your least favorite task when dealing with your natural hair?

A: Bahahaha. Detangling. Though my hair is very dense, my individual strands are very very fine, and they snap easily. I wish I had the patience to detangle my hair in the most suitable way for it.

10) How do you inspire other girls to return natural?

A: Going about my business, wearing my hair natural. It isn’t always “on fleek” lol but I believe that by wearing our kinks, we are definitely inspiring other people to do the same. Showing them that yes, it actually is possible. Breaking down any resistance over time. On my blog, The Kink and I, I share my hair journey in the hope that it inspires, encourages and educates people about the beauty of kinky hair, and ways to care for it! 


 11) So far in your journey, what is your favorite hair style? 


A: I love the Fro! Big stretched Fro. I am yet to discover how to achieve it without breakage though. 🙂 I don’t wear it so often for this reason but even then, when I finally do, I feel like I lose all the hair I spared myself from losing during the months before smh smh! My hair REALLY doesn’t like combs but I won’t listen! I experiment with curly styles but when they don’t work out, Fro straight!

Natural Beauty Various Hairstyles

updo at NGT

half-successful perm rod setbantu knots

day 2 wash n go4snapchat fro

three strand twist outtwist out


mini-twistsbraid out

Natural Beauty – Styles in Progress

blow out in progressshaggy, wet braid out, hair not dry


I’ve actually never seen my favorite flower. I love love tulips.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit Amsterdam in the spring and be surrounded by tulips.

I think they are so beautiful! 🙂

😀 This post shows us to love our own tresses, its our own and nobody else’s, so love and take care of your beautiful natural hair 😀

Thank you Darlings for reading, many thank yous Ms. Ekene for participating and you all have a great day!!!!

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