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Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Kisha





Our following guest and last guest for Year 2015 is My Sister Sister!

!!!!!!!Second of the most beautiful Naturals I know with luscious curls (First one is Mommy)!!!!

Here is her Natural Hair Story, do enjoy My Girls,

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A: Hi there! My name is Kisha and I am from the island of Roatan off the North Coast of Honduras. I am 38 years old and a bit of a dreamer. I have a big imagination and love to write for both children and adults. I also love to travel and have spent a little time exploring other countries and their fabulous cultures! I also love diversity, innovation and creativity but above all things I love my faith and the Ocean. And…someday, one of my deepest desires is to explore every inch of it!

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural from Birth?

A: I started to transition but that didn’t work out after a short while. Dealing with both textures only led to hopeless frustration so I simply big chopped and that was it!

3) How long have you been natural?

A: I have been natural for over two years going on three. The truth is I don’t remember the exact date but this is the general idea! Ha! Ha! Ha!

4) What made you return natural?

A: I got tired of my hair getting wet and going frizz central. I also got tired of flat irons, blow dryers and large rollers pulling out my scalp at night. (Slept in rollers all the time) But the number one reason is that I just wanted to go back to my roots. Hadn’t seen them in years and wondered what I had growing under there!

5) How hard or easy was your first year of being natural?

A: It was very hard at first. I did not like my “boy” haircut, but I stuck it out. My hair is relatively easy to care for so I did not have a huge problem styling it. I just wanted it to grow to get some length but my hair was like…not a chance. It did grow but I probably have 90% shrinkage to deal with so that is a bit of a challenge.

6) What helped you the most, to remain natural?

A: I really love my curls and I like where my hair is at. Yes, I have felt like elongating these curls somehow but I will NOT want to go back to a relaxer. That is over for me. I just want to deal with manageable, soft hair and that will be just fine.

7) Your 3 favorite products and why? A:

  1. Aussie Moist
  2. Herbal Essentials Grapefruit and Kiwi 
  3. Eden All natural Curl Defining Crème

Each of these products infuse my hair with moisture and my curls love it! Herbal Essentials is a generic brand of conditioner but my curls soak up all its goodness…bad part…my supermarket stopped stocking it and I can’t find it anywhere on the island…Loads of tears!!!

8) What do you love about your unique tresses?

A: They are relatively easy to style as noted before. It only takes me 30 min after washing to style my hair so I can do it pretty much at any time. My hair has a unique personality and I am sure all you lovely ladies can relate to this fact, and lets me know when she is NOT happy. I try to listen carefully to what she wants and do the best I can. She is completely protein intolerant so I have learned to stay far away from any product with lots of protein. That said, I have had little reason to complain.

9) What is your least favorite task when dealing with your natural hair?

A: Untangling my knots when she gets into a bundle. I stick to my hands, don’t use a comb, and if I am careful, knots are few and far between.

10) How do you inspire other girls to return natural?

A: I am terrible at it but I do share my tips with them and direct them constantly to your website dear sister of mine. I think I should get a promotion!.


 11) So far in your journey, what is your favorite hair style? 


A: Shingling galore! It is the ONLY hair style my hair wants and I have tried others… believe me. And no matter what I do, my hair wants to shingle ALL the time. Tried to straighten her out and all she did was LAUGH and curl right back up before my mother could even get it done. I got the memo so shingling is what I do best and I leave it at that.

Beauty – Big Chop Process

Kesia blog 3


Natural Beauty  – 1st Year Fully Natural

Kesia blog 1Kesia blog 2

Kesia blog 4P1050420
Natural Beauty  – Family
Me and friends
Natural Beauty  – Sister Sister
Girls at Disney - Epcott
Girls in USA

😀 This post shows us the importance of responding to our own personal hair care needs, do what works for you 😀

Thank you Darlings for reading, many thank yous Sis and yes, you will get a promotion!!!! Hehehe!! You all have a beautiful day 😀

22 thoughts on “Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Kisha”

  1. Oh I just love this post. Kisha’s hair is so gorgeous. Those pics of the two of you together is priceless… ❤️

  2. You girls are trend setters! Love your style….and the personality to go with it! I like the way you show Kisha’s hair growth in stages. I think it will give others the courage to try something they have never done before…but will be so happy once they do it. Now, how do I get kynks for my hair???

    1. Awww, thanks Darling for commenting, indeed, I do hope it serves as an inspiration to all those thinking about it. Hahahaha, hmmm, lets do a ton of conditioner and tiny rollers and lets see how she comes out 😀 😀 😀

  3. While you girls are so awesome and I really love your hair and I can’t believe it grow so much in so little time keep up the good good work girls naturally beauty TKM 👏🏽😍

  4. I love Keisha’s story😉. Please tell her if I find her liquid gold in the states I’ll send it to her. Loll. Btw, gorgeous family👍😆😆😗😙😙

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