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Roatan Naturalistas 1st Meetup

Do come and join in the Fun!!! If you are here on Roatan on July 30th 2016, come join in with Roatan’s First Naturalista Meetup 🙂 🙂


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The natural hair movement made its way to Roatan and it looks like it will stick around for a while. In the past year, I’ve seen so many beautiful fros, curls, and women just having fun with their hair. I’ve also seen so many women with puzzled looks on their faces when it comes to dealing with their natural hair J. It’s time for us Roatan gals to link up and support each other on our natural hair journey and we will get a chance to do that on July 30th.  For the first time EVER, Roatan will have a meetup for naturalistas hosted by yours truly.  This event will be held at Flamingo Cultural Center, located in the beautiful beachside community of Punta Gorda. The price for this event is FREE! Below is a brief description of what you can expect to see at the meetup.

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6 thoughts on “Roatan Naturalistas 1st Meetup”

  1. I use to live/Work in Roatan at Children’s Palace Bilingual School. Beautiful place! Wish I was their to join the meetup. If you’re interested in some naturalista gifts, visit my website: Will tell my friends there about your event!😀

    1. Ok my dear, many thanks, will pass onto the Hostess, Ms. Audrey Flores, its all hers, hahaha, am helping spread the word about, thanks so much, will check out your site and hope your friends can make it and no worries, we will share pictures indeed!!! Thanks so much for your support and for commenting!!!

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