Natural Hair Event

Natural Hair Event – Roatan Naturalista Hair Meetup Success – Part 3

Hello My Dears,

Welcome back to Part 3 of the First Natural Hair Meetup on Roatan. 

Sis and I made Hair Samples to share with the Girls at the Event:

Cinnamon Hair Oil: Cinnamon Bark Oil, Essential Cinnamon Oil, Sunflower Oil as Carrier Oil

Hibiscus Hair Oil: Dried Hibiscus Leaves & Flowers, Sunflower Oil as Carrier Oil

Sample Hair Conditioner: Your Fav Hair Conditioner, Your Fav Hair Oil & Your Fav Hair Gel, Mix and Voila!


Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie – 1 12oz Jar

Softee Silky Shine – Olive Oil Styling Gel – 6 Table Spoons

My Hibiscus Oil Mix – 6 Tea Spoons

Ingredients to Be Used
Ingredients to Be Used


In a large glass bowl, add Smoothie first, then Gel followed by the Hair Oil.

Mix all ingredients with a wooden spoon for better consistency.

If too thick, add more gel for a more fluffy consistency, if too light, add more hair oil for thickness.

Consistency for Pudding
Consistency for Pudding

Benefits of the Curling Cream:

For those with looser curls, will elongate your hair and give your hair a firm hold.

For those with tighter coils or kinks, gives you a defined hold for your protective styles such as 2 strand twists.

For all, its a great curling cream to add softness, shine and moisturizer for your Beautiful Tresses.

Finished Product
Finished Product

Sample Products were a A Success
Sample Products were a Success

Thanks for reading my Dears, Hope you liked the Recipes & Thanks so much for Visiting.

If you have any questions at all, do feel free to ask and will answer in comments.

Isle of Azure

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