Natural Hair Book Review

Natural Hair Book Review – Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise

!!!!WELCOME To IslandKynk’s FIRST BOOK REVIEW!!!!!

A Must Read Especially for Natural Beauties


by Beautiful Ms. Kimberly Elise

It was a true honor when I was contacted by Lovely Writer Ms. Elleax to write this book review. Thanks to her and Ms. Elise, this post is possible, I thank you both so much & to Ms. Elise, this is indeed your Masterpiece!!!!!!

I truly fell in love with this book for many reasons, one, I love to read about our natural hair, two, have always admired Ms. Elise as an actress, three, did not know she had returned natural so made this book even more exciting to read and four, her natural hair is stunning and healthy, so, she knows what she is talking about. Links are also provided for your own research.

A Must Read for All Naturals
A Must Read for All Naturals

Curly Halo EBook is truly a wonderful gift to yourself, your family and friends who are thinking about returning natural, transitioners, already naturals or those whom want to maintain their tresses healthy, if you have hair on your heard, this book is for You. Information is provided for us to use, to cater to each our own specific hair care needs. I love how Ms. Elise acknowledges that each and every one of us, has a different head of hair, what works for one, will not work for the other. She explains how take care of your own unique tresses.

This book is indeed an easy read, what do I mean by that? Literally, as I was reading, everything flowed beautifully. Goes in order, makes sense and covered all the areas needed in a book for our natural hair. When it came to a finish, learned a lot more than I thought I would have. For instance, in Chapter 1, she starts with one of the most important topics, to transition or Big Chop, excellent to start with because for many of us, before returning Natural, not only was this one of our biggest decisions but took the longest to think about.

Continuing in the following Chapters are articles on Figuring Out Your Hair Type, she did her research well on this one, not only did she do her homework but later in the book, this section is fully covered, so trust me, you will not be disappointed and will know exactly what your hair type is, what she needs, why she acts how she acts, Everything. Next is Figuring Out A Hair Regimen, this one I read over many times, yes, its that awesome and the Chapters continue, each better and better as you read, trust me, you will LOVE!

One of my personal favorites in Curly Halo are the Worksheets, yes, you read correctly, again Ms. Elise comes up and WOWS us well, how does she do it???!!! Just wished I had this book when I was returning Natural, would have avoided making a lot of mistakes on my own natural hair journey, but you live and learn right, plus am happy it is out there for all our other girls thinking of returning Natural. Even as a naturalist, am personally printing these Worksheets to go by, once you have read, you will truly enjoy and do the same, you’ll see.

Last but not least, you will truly appreciate all the extra tidbits in the Appendix, one of the most valuable parts of this book, will not give it away, but am truly grateful to Ms. Elise for including this information for us, Priceless indeed. She also includes an amazing hair recipe that I tried and works wonders for my 4C tresses so encourage you to try it out on your hair, if like mine, tends to dry out over time. Super simple, easy and quick to make, also makes a great gift to give to all your Curl Girlies, they will treasure this Hair Gem and ask for more!

Our Lovely Ms. Kimberly Elise
Ms. Kimberly Elise

Thank you so much for this gift Ms. Kimberly and for your amazing well written illustrated book, for the love and care you show for all our Tresses and your own. Thank you very much Ms. Elleax  for inviting me to review Curly Halo and providing me with what was needed. Until next time My Dears & Huge Smooches and Hugs to you both.

Thank you My Amazing Viewers for taking the time to read The Curly Halo Book Review.

To check out Ms. Elise’s website, do visit her at KimberyElise

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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Book Review – Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise”

  1. I checked out the summary of the book and the YouTube video promotion and it seems to be very promising. Thank you for always guiding me in this journey😙😙

    1. Awesome my dear, do hope you enjoy, its an awesome read and you will not be disappointed, you do the same for me always, you are one of my inspirations, hahahahaha, my sister!!!

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