How to Cope with a Hair Tragedy

How to Cope with a Hair Tragedy – Ms. Ariane’s Story

Meet The Beautiful Ariane Williams
Ariane Williams

Let’s all say Hello to our Beautiful Guest, thank you my dear for sharing your story with us:

Please introduce your lovely self, name and how long you have been Natural.
Ariane blogger at, I have been natural for 10 years.

Describe your Natural Hair Tragedy, what happened, your first thoughts, etc.
When I first went natural I wore dreads for 4 years, so when I took my dreadlocks out,
I didn’t know how to protect my hair from breakage, as this was never a concern with my locs.
I use to sleep without bonnet and I didn’t have to worry about protective styling as
I already had the ultimate protective style.
So I ended up going to bed without twisting my hair or putting it into a ponytail and
the crown section of my hair ended up getting matted and breaking off really bad.

Bad Hair Time
Bad Hair Time

After going through this, What was Your next step to Recovery? 
 I thought it looked absolutely terrible so I ended up getting my haircut,
it felt like all my hard work went to waste.
However, it was the best thing that I did for my hair.
I ended up doing more protective styles with two strand twists to help prevent breakage and matting.

My Hair Saver Products
My Hair Recovery Products

What have you Personally Learned from this, To Do or Not To Do?
If my hair is not in a protective style at the very least,
I need to pineapple my hair before going to bed.


Any Tips, Advice or Thoughts for us Naturals?
Don’t let any hair drama you go through discourage you!
It’s to be expected after all for many us natural hair is a whole new thing.
If you come across any issues, do some research to see what
you can do to reverse the problem and keep pushing.
Once you understand how to care for your natural hair,
it’s the most versatile and more importantly healthy choice.

!!!Thank you my Dear and your tresses are Gorgeous!!!

Isle of  Azure

4 thoughts on “How to Cope with a Hair Tragedy – Ms. Ariane’s Story”

  1. It’s so easy to become stagnant with our hair and our haircare routine. It’s so important to keep learning what our hair likes and dislike and to change up our regimens according to the seasons. I’m still learning this myself! Great interview and advice!

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