How to Cope with a Hair Tragedy

How to Cope with a Hair Tragedy – Ms. Devin’s Story


Let’s all Greet our Gorgeous Guest, Ms. Devin, we thank you my dear for sharing your story with us:

Please introduce your lovely self, name and how long you have been Natural.
My name is Devin also know as HappyKinksForever.
I’ve been natural now for almost 6 years.
It will be 6 year at the end of October.
I have to state that going natural was quite difficult for me. 


Describe your Natural Hair Tragedy, what happened, your first thoughts, etc.
2010 when I was going through my natural hair transition.
I pretty much did a flexi-rod set weekly. I didn’t know too much about natural remedies.
Miss Jessie’s products were very popular.
So that’s what I used.

Recovering in 2012
Recovering in 2012

After going through this, What was Your next step to Recovery? 
Later in the same year I discovered Henna, educated myself on mixology,
and started to create butter pomades for hair.
Also, keeping my hair in a protective style gave me my time to find out was my hair need.
In 2013, I was a full on Ayurveda Queen.
Henna, clay cleansers, natural oils, and butters where my “holy grails.”
I became great at doing two strand twist-outs.
Brahmi oil and Nupur henna, have rescued my hair from some extremely hard times. 


What have you Personally Learned from this, To Do or Not To Do?
Throughout this journey, I’ve picked up some wonderful DIY hair products.
Learned to know what different oils/butters, work best for the different seasons.

This was back in January of this year. With my dog/baby Daisy.
My dog/baby Daisy.

Any Tips, Advice or Thoughts for us Naturals?
If you’re having some difficulty with your tresses,
Research, learn how to do a scalp analysis, get to know your hair.
What works for some may not work for you.
Your hair is a plant, speak to it, give it light, give it water, and it will love you for it.


!!!Thank you my Dear and your tresses are Lovely!!


Isle of  Azure

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