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IslandKynks – The Journey Continues

Come and join me
Come and Join Me on a Healthy Hair Journey 

Hello My Lovely Naturalitas,

Hope all is well and nice to see you too!!!

First of all, thank you so much for your support and following, now more than 380 followers, WOW!!!!!!

Secondly, thank you all so much for your awesome support on IslandKynks IG, more than 170 followers!!!

Thirdly, a huge thank you to all the gentlemen who follow as well, your support is most appreciated!!!

So what does this year hold, well a nice combo of a bit of everything, but we will focus on 4 main items this year:

1Healthy Hair Care via Juicing  – PART 1 – Yes you read correctly, what better way to make sure your hair is healthy than by starting inside. Each month will try a recipe found on Pinterest that features a Hair Growth Juicing Recipe which if course will share with you via post, will explain how each ingredient is beneficial for not just our health but our tresses as well. Will look for simple, easy to do recipes that are inexpensive, a lot of us are on a budget so want to make sure that anyone who comes here will have no problems finding the products and using for his or herself as well. If you want to join in, then by all means, please do and let me know.

2. Healthy Hair Care via Juicing  – PART 2 – After the month is done, will  include before and after pictures of my tresses and see how it worked for my hair and overall health. 1 glass per day for 1 month should be more than enough. It will be 100% natural and either juiced or blended and be specifically for hair growth. As will be using fruits and vegetables, will add 1 TBSP of honey or molasses for each glass for taste and will drink around 6PM as my evening meal. If the mixture is a bit thin, will add 1 TSP of either Fiber or Flax-seed which is great for our health and hair as well. Healthy is always best and never hurts so am excited to see how this goes.

3. Interview with A Lovely Naturalista – As always, having audience participation is extremely important to me as you girls have so much information, wisdom, knowledge and experience to share with us which is why this one of my favorite parts of IslandKynks, to have the privilege to have you featured on my Blog and share your personal story and journey with all girls out there who need to hear what you have to say. Will do a special post on what will be needed, it will be for 1 year, January 2017 to December 2018 and all Naturalistas are more than welcome to come and participate, it will be fun and exciting, you shall see and I promise.

4. My Natural Hair Journey – Will add my latest journey in as well, have stayed away from that topic for a while so it is now time to come back and share with you all. My Wash Days and Hair Care Maintenance are minimal and pretty basic but that is what is working so if a’int broke don’t fix it. Hahaha. Have purchased some new products which have been working out fabulous for my hair and of course, with my Mom’s undivided help, she is doing beautifully, so my recovery journey is progressing, little by little but coming along as time goes, takes time but is possible plus well worth the wait. As the saying goes, One Day At A Time. We shall see, hehe.

Lessons learned last year concerning Natural Hair, the Natural Hair Community & My Own Tresses:

  • Natural Hair – It is a ton of fun to have but a lot of work is entailed in maintaining her but in my opinion, worth it a million times over and over, why, well, for many reasons such as, it is your own unique DNA growing on top of your head and a part of you, literally. Its a combination of not only your awesome parents but your family genes passed through each generation, sort of an inheritance from your ancestors. Last but nit least, every Queen has a crown and yours is your spectacular natural hair. Do not be ashamed of your natural hair ever. Protect and take good care of her and she will flourish, love your hair and admire others.
  • Natural Hair Community – I am amazed at these Moms, Daughters, Wives, Aunts, Cousins, Co-workers, Assistants, CEO’s, Students, you name it, these women not only have full time careers, families and a budget to work with but have time to take excellent care of their hair and their little ones as well. They amaze me more and more each day. They work hard from Sun up to Sun down but when it is time to take care of their hair, everything stops and they do what has to be done especially when it comes to their little ones. Now if that is not a Superwoman, don’t know what is, your girls have my sincere praise, Awesome.
  • My Tresses – As we all know, she likes to be left alone to do her own thing. I can use accessories like for 2 hours then she has had it completely, very tender-headed so braids, weaves, extensions or anything like that is an absolutely not going to happen, she does not like it and rebels and I then am in pain so why even try, not worth it. She loves being in two strand twists so this if my go to style and she is more than content. Each time, she is done, she gets dusted so the ends remain nice and healthy, which is why this year, really want to strive to eat healthier than I do, and drink more water so she remains hydrated, its at least a start.

My Lovely Ladies and Esteemed Gentlemen, hope you all Enjoyed and do stay tuned.





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